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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Gman003, Jun 6, 2015.

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  1. I'll start off by saying I'm glad to have re discovered the WWE roughly a decade after I stopped watching it as a teenager. I actually came across it by complete accident the weekend before wrestle mania 31 and decided aw what the heck, I'll check it out. And here I am, drawn back into the world of wwe. I kind of regret leaving, but that's life.

    I can't seem to find many places other than here to discuss wrestling and not many people I know are interested in this stuff. Mid 20's, bound to happen lol.
    Although it was tough to watch the first match (ladder match at wm31) I stuck it out and was surprised how much I accepted it. So I watched the entire thing and was entertained fully.
    But the pg is tough. I hope they can write away from it somewhat and into a more mature era. I don't mean bring back the attitude era because that just wouldn't be the same.
    Taking a look at the current characters and the type of roles they play, it would be interesting to see a more "dark" era or hardcore era.
    You have Dean ambrose whose going for the belt again.( Which btw they shouldn't do yet. Let the story build.)
    Roman Reigns (who needs to can the spear and get a better move. Better than the super man punch maybe)
    luke and rowan
    The Ascension (As new and rather bad right now could have a bad ass role eventually)
    Bray watt
    even Ryback
    And Kevin Owens
    That's all I can think of right now off the top of my head.

    If they utilize the right people, maybe it can open the age gap a little. It's bound to evolve eventually, I just hope it doesn't take too long.
    Looking back at the attitude era, it was mostly because people had their own style and 'Their move' that captivates the audience.
    Not meaning to sound like a mark or whatever you call it,
    But that power bomb from K.O. is intense, he sells it with perfection. That could be 'the move' like the stunner was to Austin and the spear to Goldberg.
    Most signature moves to me seems rather dull right now. And rRollins using the pedigree? Come on. I hope he takes one soon. Can't stand his character. Lol but that's just it, his role as heavy weight champ is so unfitting and lame it's interesting. Keeps me watching to see when that moment comes and triple h turns on him lol.

    Anyways that is my rant. Sorry for it, but I've had a few things to say that I can't out loud lol.
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  2. I think everyone over the age of 15 wants a more hardcore era, but it's surely not ever gonna happen again. Young teenagers are a huge portion of WWE's fans.
    Also, completely disagree with what you say about Reigns. His spear is better than most, maybe the best since Goldberg.
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  3. Eh, a spear's a spear I say. Not a hard move to pull off. Even so, some have still screwed em up real good a few times haha.

    The Reign's/Goldberg comparison makes me want to see Reigns use the jackhammer though. That would be cool IMO. Has anyone used it since Goldberg? Or does Goldberg hold some kind of "patent" or whatever on it?
  4. None more than Batista.
  5. Lol, I was actually thinking of Big Shows lame looking ones, but yeah. Him too
  6. I just think Goldberg executed it perfectly. It was so vicious. Reigns is justa little too small to have the impact like him. It reminded me of Ryno's gore. Even that, ryno had it better.
    I get that it won'tget much more intense not the way it used to. But give us something lol.
    Also I hate that they combined raw and smackdown. Everything has changed. Do they just not have enough people to do two sseparate rosters?
  7. I believe Reigns is actually bigger than Goldberg.
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  8. Oh it must be that outfit makes him look a little less bulky.
    Ok you all win. Lol I enjoy it still but i guess I liked Goldbergs better.
    Anyways, if it wasn'tfor the pg rrating, most of the show is the same. Maybe less wrestling than before. And ccharacters it seems. But the wrestling itself is still the same to me.
  9. Oh for sure, nobody does a spear like Goldberg.
  10. I agree that the PG rating detracts from the quality the show could achieve, but from a money making standpoint I can understand the business decision.
  11. Edge had the worst spear of all time.
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  12. I'll never understand this logic, what can't they do under PG that would make the show great?
  13. Ok maybe it's a matter of personal opinion that I agree with then. I mean certain things they could do for stories that older fans might enjoy are taken off the creative table because of younger fans. Specifically.....? I dunno, guys like Val Venis or The Godfather's later incarnation that included the ho train. I found that stuff entertaining as a teenage boy. :psycho:
  14. Yeah I personally feel like they have to take that edge off to keep it family friendly. Essentially it is the same show, just not as 'manly' as I feel it should be. If that makes sense.
    Do they make more money now compared to when stone cold, the rock, man kind, kane, undertaker etc wwere intheir prime?
    Or another thought I had. Maybe everything is close enough to what it used to be back then, just our older perspectives have changed things alot more than when we were younger. Because I was 8 in 97 which I'd say is whenI first started watching wwf. So of course my view point is going to change. Idk just rrambling on lol
  15. Ehn. It's down there, but I think Big Show's is worse.
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  16. Edge did not have the worst spear.

    Reigns spear is amazing.

    Goldberg does have the best Spear ever and think this had a lot to do with his badass persona.

    Batista had the worst spear. Looked so poorly timed and off beat. Edge could at least make his look impactful. Batistas was simply pathetic.

    Welcome back to WWE. And enjoy it.

    Also, Rollins character, the "bitch," is already getting old for sure. We have the NXT champion beating cena clean, which I'm fine with, but then Rollins can't win any match on his own... Always needs 4 people... There's no way Rollins could beat cena clean right now.
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  17. I missed batistas 'career' but by the sounds of it, I didn't miss much lol.
    Thanks for the welcome back. So far, for the most part, I am enjoying it.
    I totally agree with the Rollins roll ggetting old, but keep me hooked anticipating the turn from the authority. Which hopefully comes at MITB
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  18. We have a few 30 and 40 year olds here btw. I think most of us are 18+
  19. And Kevin Owens is going to be a problem I hope. He could be an intense dude at the top soon.
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  20. Wouldn't it be crazy if kane won the ladder match and cashed It in to either help Rollins or turn at the last second after destroying ambrose for Seth.
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