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  1. :tough:

    Just a hypothetical question, but one that needs an honest answer.

    If someone gets right up in your face,how long should you wait to deck them one?lol.
  2. Completely depends on the situation.
  3. Could be your grandma getting in your face for a kiss. In that case, 3 seconds.
  4. Stop trying. :facepalm:
  5. well what if it's a much older big sister-lik 10 years older than you,treating you as if you were her child?lol
  6. It would take a LOT for me to punch a chick in the face. Like she would have to be threatening my well being in a physical manor ala scratching at my eyes or swinging a weapon at me. Honestly I think I would KO a chick if I punched her at 75-80% and that's not something I really want to do.
  7. :dafuq: Just for that? Don't hit your sister that's fucked up for that reason. Now if she's hitting you, I could see pushing or something, but don't knock her ass out unless she's trying to.
  8. Oh believe me-when she's in my face-she dares me to hit her, I already did it once about 7 years ago,when she and I were living together-she didn't like the kind of music I was listening to and told me to turn it off-and I told her no,so she went to my record player and smashed my record to pieces and broke my record player cause she was so mad she picked it up and flew it across the room,it hit the wall and broke-I didn't do any real damage other than I gave her a bloody nose-lol,shocked the crap out of her-she never saw it coming. I'm not normally one for violence or anything-but you push me far enough-look out.
    This time she's ticked because I quit getting on Facebook to talk to her(stupid and petty). I'm not saying I would ever hit her again-but just in case-I wanted to know how long to wait before I pop her one-lol.



    Stop what? I jusst asked a simple hypothetical question,
    NOW.. You were saying?:tough:
  9. Your most shortest post is also the most entertaining :haha:

    The answer is 2 seconds with jab to the nose
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