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Discussion in 'RAW' started by American Dragon, May 21, 2013.

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  1. What if Ambrose's first feud for the US title was with Curtis Axel? Not only would this be a worthy opponent for the perceived leader of The Shield (as Axel is a 'Paul Heyman Guy' who just put Triple H out of commission) but it would also give Axel a more gentle push in to the main event rather than just chucking him straight in there. Not to mention that they're both relatively new guys who could be seen as equal threats to one another.

    Please? :please-54:

    P.S. hardcore smarks please go easy on the trolling. :burns:
  2. I don't see it happening, seeing as they're both heels atm.
  3. Weren't The Shield associated with Paul Heyman at a point? Also, I'd rather him go for the IC Champion as there is history behind it with his father.
  4. They're both up-and-coming heels and one of them losing would seriously half their momentum. Both of them need to look like complete gold at the moment, so it is better to put them against over faces. Too soon for Axel to have a championship too in my opinion.
  5. Heel vs heel gtfo not happening
  6. K :bury:

    I'll just go cry in a corner whilst Ambrose squashes the likes of Kofi, Santino and R-Truth.
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  7. Yeah I am not looking forward to his shitty opponents either to be honest, but I am looking forward to more Shield segments, and Ambrose segments specifically.
  8. Up and coming heel vs Up and coming heel isn't a good idea.
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