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  1. I really think that it's time that they book promos in a style that thinking about it from the 2010s perspective, seems forgotten about in modern professional wrestling. Let's now talk about Sid. I was looking over some of his promos, and it got me to watching a number of those old whisper/yell promos by guys like Savage, Sid, & Steiner. All three of those guys have such intense and crazy good promos, it went a long ways towards getting people to appreciate how awesome they were. Then it dawned on me that no one does that kind of promo anymore, and after thinking for just a second about who would be a good guy to have use that style of promo it was obvious to me that Ryback would be PERFECT to have do the whisper/yell promos. I can picture Ryback doing an interview or promo already, starting off yelling about one thing, then quieting down to a whisper again, and then yelling again before taking off. I think that'd be Ryback's best shot at ever getting someone to mark out for him on a promo. He seems pretty bland on the mic, but this style is so simple and easy to do, that he could certainly be able to pull it off. He's got the look and intensity for it already, it seems like a perfect match to me.

    Watch these promos, don't worry about what's being said (especially in Steiner's case) so much as how the delivery is being made and tell me that Ryback wouldn't be a great character to see perform this kind of a promo.

    Savage's "Maybe I AM insane" promo always gives me chills when he starts saying "I know what I'm going to do to you TONIGHT!" Steiner was a hilarious hot mess, but people seemed to really love him for it. If Ryback could get his promo somewhere in between like Sid did, I think Ryback would get over with the fans far better than he is even now. Now more than ever before, I think this is a great idea. Even if he botches his lines epically, like Sid or Steiner, if he were to just laugh and bang the side of his head with his palm like he does every now and again during his matches and then keep going it would be awesome. He would almost instantly be my favorite guy active today. Also, I would love it if he started referring to himself in the third person and calling himself "The Ryback."

    IMO some of the very best gimmicks ever were both funny and badass together, this would put him in a position to be both of those, especially as a face, but also as a heel too it could work, and badass and funny together has a great track record of getting over with the fans.
  2. WWE just need to learn to trust performers and lean away from away from scripted promos. Look at Dean the current "golden child" of the universe. Give him a mic that gut could rip! Most of them could and if they cant go Lesnar style and give them a mouth piece, this done correctly doesn't detract. Half the guys in WWE are way more talented than the promos they are forced to give the above being an era when they could rip. Let it happen!
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  3. I love crazy promos. Every time I see one it rekindles my love for wrestling.
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