Just days after HHH joins Twitter, now Stephanie

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  1. Stephanie McMahon is now on Twitter... @StephMcMahon

    Triple H [email protected]
    Hey, I badgered my wife into doing this nerdfest as well. Follow her at @StephMcMahon!

    Stephanie McMahon [email protected]
    @TripleH Thanks Honey, I needed another responsibility!

  2. How long do we have to wait for the accidental nudes to be leaked?
  3. My insider source tells me about a month.
  4. The sooner the better! I've always wanted to see Tri........... :urm: Steph nudes.
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  5. Could you have worded the title any more awkwardly?
  6. How about:

    Twitter Steph, HHH asks
  7. Finally they have a twitter account, almost every superstar or manager or bigger charges of all companies have one
  8. I want Vince to be on Twitter now. That would be hilarious.
  9. Hopefully no time at all.
  10. We will wait
  11. Vince on twitter would be hilarious. Everyone should ask @ wwe to get him on one. :dawg:
  12. inb4 Steph starts discussing anal
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  13. Vince on Twitter would be awesome :lol1:, but something tells me he's not going to make it anytime soon.
  14. The hate on Trips' profle will be awesome :tyson:

    And sex messages on Steph's too. :boss:
  15. Steph... :gusta:
  16. Vince on Twitter.. Doesn't know shit on how it works lmao..

    ''@VincentKMcMahon: @TripleH: No dammit! We can't have Phil in a fucking ladder match with Dwayne! Remember, we gotta keep it calm with Dwayne before he'll get it from Brock on RAW after Mania! Get your shit straight Paul..''

    And just put that shit out while thinking he sent a DM to HHH. :laugh: :lol1:
  17. Ye :gusta:
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