Kayfabe Just In! #1: Des-appointing Situation

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  1. *As we return from commercial break, we come to a shot of James Defto and Patrick Evans sitting at a big news table in the center of the ring. There is also a black carpet covering the mat of the ring, a monitor set up behind the two commentators with a logo that says "Just In! with Defto & Evans" on it, and an empty chair to the left of James Defto*
    James Defto: Hello everyone, I am James Defto here with Patrick Evans, and today we bring to you all the first installment of Just In! with Defto & Evans!
    Patrick Evans: Evans & Defto.
    James Defto: Moving on... Tonight for the first broadcast of this program, we will be talking to the manager of Des Pierson, Terra Hayze, regarding the suspension of her client and when we will be seeing him return to the ring. Before we get around to that though, let's show exactly what it is that caused Mr. Pierson to get suspended.
    *Both men turn their attention to the monitor where the clip from last week is replayed*
    Patrick Evans: Now if you ask me, that was nowhere near enough reason to suspend Des.
    James Defto: What the hell are you talking about!? He deliberately disobeyed an Exodus Policy-
    *James stops, taking a deep breath to calm down*
    James Defto: You know, before we continue this conversation, let's bring out our guest for this evening. Everyone, please welcome Mr. Pierson's manage, Terra Hayze!
    *As Terra makes her way out onto the stage, she is met with a plentiful amount of boos from the crowd in attendance. She casually makes her way down the ramp and towards the ring, faking out high-fives on her way there. She then climbs into the ring and takes the empty seat next to James as her music dies out*
    James Defto: So, Mrs. Hayze, about Mr. Pierson-
    Patrick Evans: Do you have no manners?! You greet a lady before you get into the questioning. I'm sorry Ms. Hayze, being around gorgeous women makes him feel uneasy.
    *A smile brushes Terra's lips as she begins to speak*
    Terra Hayze: Thank you Patrick, and you can feel free to call me Terra.
    *James releases a slight sigh as he starts to speak again*
    James Defto: Terra-
    Terra Hayze: It's Ms. Hayze to you.
    James Defto: Okay.. Ms. Hayze, we have yet to hear what you have to say regarding the suspension of your client, Des Pierson, so if you don't mind-
    Terra Hayze: Clearly you've been hanging around that idiot, Thomas, too much, because your line of questioning has taken a very obvious direction.
    Patrick Evans: I'm sorry Terra.
    Terra Hayze: It's fine Patrick. I'll humor him for now.
    *Terra moves a bit in her chair, putting one leg over the other, before speaking on the subject*
    Terra Hayze: To keep things short, I did not take the news of Des' suspension very well. I immediately contacted the corporate office to convince them that they had made a mistake in their decision and-
    James Defto: Can you really say that it was a mistake? Afterall, he gave Thomas a severe concussion with his attack-
    Patrick Evans: What is wrong with you?! Have you never heard that you do not cut off a woman while she is speaking?! Let the lady speak, James!
    *Terra bows her head to Patrick*
    Terra Hayze: Thank you Patrick.
    Patrick Evans: My pleasure.
    Terra Hayze: Now as I was saying. When I spoke to them, I made sure to point out the fact that Mr. Drago was clearly provoking the attack from Des with his pushy style of questioning and also the fact that he put his hand on Des first.
    Patrick Evans: See James! Thomas did provoke the attack!
    Terra Hayze: Anyways, after I spoke to them, the corporate suits decided to review the suspension and said that they would get back to me after they've come to a verdict on whether his suspension will be lifted or not.
    James Defto: And have you heard anything back from them yet?
    Terra Hayze: No, Mr. Defto. I don't see why you would think that I have considering Des isn't out here himself right now.
    *Patrick nudges James*
    Patrick Evans: Yeah, come on you idiot! His suspension clearly would have been lifted if they'd come to a decision.
    James Defto: Now, I'm not so sure about that, Patrick, however, I guess that we'll have to see how this situation with the board goes. Anyways Ms. Hayze, did they happen to give you a time frame of when they will come to a decision on the matter?
    Terra Hayze: No James, they have not. But I will guarantee everyone here that when they do, Des' suspension will be lifted.
    Patrick Evans: I believe it!
    James Defto: Alright, and do you have anything that you would like to leave us off with before you go, Ms. Hayze?
    Terra Hayze: I'll leave you with this. Don't expect for this debate to take too long, as I will bet all of you that you will be seeing Des back in a Exodus ring sooner than you expected.
    James Defto: Thank you for your time Ms. Hayze.
    Patrick Evans: Yes! And please do join us again!
    *The segment comes to an end with Terra shaking the hand of Patrick and psyching out James before exiting the ring, turning the show over to a backstage segment*