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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 14, 2013.

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  1. Sheamus is probably going to return soon. So yeah, what role should Sheamus slot into for his return? You know WWE loves to push big guys when they return, do you think they'll do this now? Is there even room in the main event when you have the corporate story going on, Bryan's slow push to the top, and Punk's eventual revival as a WWE title contender?

  2. IF they dump Orton as the top dawg, could have Sheamoose return heel and fight for Hunter. Especially how high :pity2: is on da moose.
  3. Wasn't he going to return around January? :downer:
  4. Still quite soon :emoji_slight_frown:
  5. He'll fued with Ambrose or Axel. Nailed it.
  6. He'll probably be back in the midcard feuding for the Intercontinental or United States Championship. The WWE seems to love him for some reason.
  7. His healing abilities are not on superman Cena's level so he'll probably return at the Rumble.

    He'll get some momentum and then possibly win the Elimination Chamber match to become #1 contender for the WHC? I'm sure he will feature on the WM30 card.
  8. Well, a good three months, but sure. I don't see him winning the Rumble (him being the savior of WWE by winning the Rumble and thus the belt at WM after a corporate heel holds it until then would make me laugh, then be sad, then pissed and then not care, just wanted to throw that out there but I don't think it's what will take place). It's hard to tell, but assuming the corporation storyline is still going then he'd be one of the main faces going against it and would probably be involved in a multi-man tag match at WM.
  9. he will fight for WHC title or maybe he will become wwe champion like viper and become new face of wwe.
  10. His role should be Ring Crew or Lighting Manager.
  11. The only thing I'd mark out for in the slightest is if he returned as a heel on a mission. He's sick and tired of being put behind guys like Cena, Punk, and Orton cause he's not American. he rounds up Barret and McIntyre and reminds them of how good they once were before the machine pushed them down the ladder due to their heritage. Instant heat and allows two talented guys who aren't doing shit to be RELEVANT again.
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  12. Sort of excited to see Sheamus return. I've never been a hater of his, and he sang Danny boy. Also, he's from Dublin..... OHIO! Woot woot!

    EDIT: BTW the Ohio part is a joke from one of his promos when he forgot where he was from. No one probably remembers. :okay:
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  13. never would have guessed that I would have missed the bugger. I'll be interested to see what he does. smiles and brogue kicks for all
  14. Ehh, he's pretty stale. I'd like to see him return either solely in the midcard or as one of Hunter's minions, and he could join Vince's guys (Drew, Wade).
  15. If he returns with an interesting character, then I see why not bring him back....only problem is, WWE hasn't been using him in such an interesting way recently at all.
  16. I like Jonathan's idea of Sheamus turning heel and feuding with Daniel Bryan over the WWE Title. If Bryan finally reclaims the belt at HIAC, which is almost certain to happen, then Triple H looks for a new person to fill in the role of being Face of the company since Randy Orton failed. And Sheamus becomes the new chosen one after returning and turning heel in a way that really exhibits the 'ruthless aggression' that Vince and Triple H look for in a star. We know the matches between the two would be great because Sheamus can go in the ring and Daniel Bryan can have a great match with anyone, and the two already put on one hell of a match at Extreme Rules 2012. It would also be great to see HHH and Sheamus remind Bryan that Sheamus is the guy who once ended Bryan's WHC reign in 18 seconds and then Sheamus saying he'll try to beat his own record when he wins the WWE Title from Bryan this time.

    I would have zero interest in a Orton/Sheamus feud if Orton happens to be the one to walk out of HIAC as champion. Bryan would need new (heel) opponents to fight against, but Orton wouldn't. He already has enough to last him for the next 3-4 months: CM Punk, Big Show, John Cena.

    If Sheamus goes right back into the midcard, then just have him return with a bang by being the one to end either Axel's IC Title run or Dean Ambrose's US Title run.
  17. Bring back as a face helping out DB as he is getting pummeled by the Shield. Then have him strike DB when Bryan looks away, heat made.
  18. Sheamus returning soon is just as bad as Cena returning soon. Both are dull, overrated just keep them off my tv
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  19. I'd prefer to see him return as a heel, but I'm not sure how that would work out since big guys usually return as faces. I don't know if Sheamus has the chops to get himself instant heat on the mic, so I figure they would have to do it with him attacking DB from behind.

    In fact, if he's ready to come back after Hell in a Cell, he'd be a natural fit to be the next "Corporate Challenger" for the WWE title after DB turns away Orton in the Cell. Maybe have Sheamus attack after the Cell's been raised during Bryan's post-championship celebration, maybe have Sheamus return the next night and turn heel by aligning with his friend HHH to pursue the belt. I don't know, something like that.

    Either way, I actually kinda like Sheamus, so I "ain't sippin' on no Haterade" (HB-Shizzle told me about the Haterade).

  20. Still wanna see him vs Lesnar..
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