Just one of those... days?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I don't know why I found this so funny, but I did. :dawg:

    Sorry for the LQ shpit post. :okay:
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  2. Awkward.... lol
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  3. As a Southerner I feel like I should be more offended by this than I am
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  4. As a southerner, maybe this is why you are not offended? :y2j:
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  5. That first pic is gonna give me nightmares. Cant unsee what has been seen. *My Eyes...aaaagh!*
  6. I want to defend the South on this one...but, I really just, yeah...I can't. too many Uncledads and Auntmoms
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  7. @Yellow Power Ranger I do know a married couple who are 1st cousins, and in high school there was a brother and sister who had to leave school because they started sleeping together, and bragged about it. Let's just say, they were picked on relentlessly.
  8. I hv no comment on that because I KNOW that kind of stuff is true. That is just wrong on so many levels.
  9. as shady as this may sound, people judge me for how I live, but can be okay with sleeping with a sibling? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. haha
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    Not only that But I've seen ppl get judged just by how they look. And thats not very nice. Its like the old saying goes "Never judge a Book by its cover" "Its whats on the Inside the counts/Matters"
  11. I don't remember the second part of the saying, funnily enough...
  12. Very few people look at this as okay (sleeping with family members). What scares me is that people are okay with promoting obesity and alcoholism. Making eating horrible food look like a good time and alcohol as the only means of entertainment for adults.
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  13. They add so many chemicals to fast food (Fun Fact 101: Did u know that there is actually cow poop in the burger thats being eaten? Its true and ITS MADE FROM A COW! Of course there would be) that most ppl dnt care. Without realizing it, Those chemicals will cause Cancer in the long run. Especially in ppl who are in the category of obesity.
  14. Well people make money off of fat people and alcoholics. Incest is just an odd taboo in today's society.
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  15. Well I know that. I still think it is sad that no one cares it is happening. I don't drink myself so maybe that is why it triggers me lol
  16. People don't care about incest because it implies the two parties are consenting to have sex with each other regardless of relation. Yeah it's fucking weird but hey so are people, especially these people:

    reddit.com: over 18?
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  17. Its just not right. Apparently they took one too many bumps to the head
  18. Well... I had no idea... that was a... place.
    Well done internet. Well done.

    *cancels internet provider*
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  19. I hv NO Comment for that.