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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Bluffer, Apr 25, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, I'm Bluffer, I saw the owner of this site advertising it on Hackforums, the main forum I use on a daily basis, and me being the hardcore wrestling fan that I am, I had to join!

    I'm looking forward to discussing lots of different things related to the biz with you guys!
  2. Hey, welcome. :bodallas:
    Do you watch anything other than WWE?
  3. Yeah I try to watch other stuff than WWE, but I honestly have to say I don't really, although I'm a fan of ROH and TNA, I usually just stick to WWE, sometimes I don't even have the time, or should I use the word time, maybe I don't have the attention span to sit through all of WWE's weekly shows, usually just watch RAW and Smackdown, sometimes I watch NXT, always if it's a special, don't want to miss NXT specials, but sometimes I don't even watch Smackdown lol.

    I like Lucha Underground too but I'm not a every week watcher just like ROH and TNA.
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  4. What's the rule on here about linking to wrestling shows?
    I run a streaming/ ondemand site that's why I'm asking, I post RAW, Main Event, NXT, Smackdown ,Lucha Underground, and TNA Impact every week... would like to get my site's name out there.
  5. Posting publicly isn't allowed, we got in trouble for that before. Sharing in private (via PM and upgraded member section) is okay though, members often ask for stream links.
  6. We have contests occasionally for PPV's and the prize usually is an upgrade for like 6 months I believe. Once you get that, you can share your link there. (Or you can purchase it. lol)
  7. Hey-yo.

    Welcome to WWEF! Hope you stick around.
  8. Cool thanks for replying! If you're "____" on HF, I sent you a PM.
  9. I'd be kinda pissed if somebody just registered for my site and started spreading links around, so good to know... I'll try to be active on here, and if people are asking where to watch, I will pm them, thanks!
  10. PM me your site. Hate using first row. Lol
  11. Welcome to the site. You'll make legend one day all you need to do it BOLIEVE :bodallas:

    PS. Extreme Rules is tonight and I forgot to pay my subscription to the network. (Link to site plz):otunga:
  12. We advertise our site on hackforums?

  13. I'm not allowed to say anything further about that.
  14. Yeah. A few of us were from there, maybe more.

    Crayo, Solidus, Xanth, Myself, Jono, leojay, Mike., Seabs and maybe a few more that I don't know of.
    Solidus, is this any site or just wrestling sites?
  15. Wow you guys on HF cool! I'm upgraded on there lol
  16. Welcome to WWEF.. and enjoy the time spent here!