Just Saw Zlatan's Goal

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Testify, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. The thing of beauty. Fantastic.:obama::obama::obama:
  2. One of the best goals I've seen in a long time. I giggled like a girl when I saw that it was going in. Made me a happy Swede.
  3. Such a sexy goal.
  4. I already hear comments that this may well be the best goal ever, which isn't far from the truth i'd say.
  5. Who the fuck calls him Zlatan
  6. Most of Europe. Not that many professional footballer's with that name plus it is much easier for people to say than Ibrahimovic so people just call him by his first name. Add that it means Golden as well.
  7. Well it alotta easier to write it than Ibrahimovi?, ffs. :cornette:
  8. His mother. It's his first name..

    Zlatan, Ibra or Ibrahimovic..

    It's easy.
  9. Must be a european name because everyone here calls him Ibrahimovic or Ibra
  10. It was good indeend.
  11. Not really a common used name. Maybe it was because he used to have ''Zlatan'' on his jersey while playing for Ajax in Holland.
    He wasn't really known worldwide back then, so that's when the majority just called him ''Zlatan''.
  12. Rooney's was better... lololol not really. FU Man Utd :finger:
  13. I meant to say "maybe its a european thing"
  14. Pretty much explained the possible ''European thing''.
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