Just seen Ryback on SmackDown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. Yet again he's thoroughly impressed me, push this man to the moon I say.

    If it was me, I'd hold a tournament (after Bryan loses) similar to the tournament in the film "The Warrior" (this idea won't make sense if you haven't seen that film). Then Ryback runs through them all but don't have him taunt and be happy, keep him as this badass machine who enters, destroys, leaves.

    Have Ryback as your #1 contender and destroy Sheamus' ass. Start Ryback off as a tweener but feuding with Sheamus will get him boo's, that's fine, we want it to be similar to SCSA's heel run (before he got super over). I'm 100% if you get him over as a tweener who eventually feuds with the mega-heel Johnny Ace or even Vince McMahon he can be a absolutely huge star.
  2. So essentially you want Ryback as Tommy? Could work although that would be an incredible way to debut someone actually posting a YT vid of him destroying someone in a wrestling sparring match. Should have happened with Bryan actually instead of NXT.
  3. Seabs. Tommy who?
  4. Yeah, pretty much. And that would've been a great idea, but it's too late now, but it's not too late to incorporate Tommy's characteristics into Rybacks since he's displaying a lot of them now. Obviously keep his music (Tommy had none), I'm a fan of his entrance tbh.

    I know it all relates to what SCSA was, but I think a gimmick like that is definitely needed, we need some change from the generic smiley face (Sheamus, Punk, Cena and even Orton).

    Edit: @[Stopspot] Tommy in the film "The Warrior".
  5. Tommy Rioradan (?) From the film warrior.

    A few clips from the film if you haven't seen it :



    It's the style of booking he wants for Ryback.
  6. More so the characteristics than the actual one minute squashes.
  7. Really want to see him against Kane or Henry...
  8. I don't because I want Ryback winning everything at the moment. Unless, Henry goes on another 3-4 month reign of terror, not losing, dominating, squashing stars. Then Ryback can be the hero who saves the day. Still, not my preferable option.
  9. I'd rather see Brock put over Ryback as the next big thing.
  10. That too would be awesome.
  11. Even going your way about it would be good tbh, kinda like how Goldberg Brock should have been.
  12. To be honest history shows that a face that doesn't ass lick anyone = over. That's why so many good heels are getting forced to face. Orton was a beast heel, Sheamus was a good heel, Bryan is in the same stage atm.

    Ryback has the look, no one can doubt it. His in-ring work in my opinion is more than good, better than I expected. He really looks like he's fucking hurting every person he steps in there with. He can talk too, so why not? I hope the "Vince loves this guy" rumour is true.
  13. Well, from what I've heard, Vince does like him. And I really like your idea. It would be something new and different, and if he got over too, it would be just perfect. I don't think they'll do that because the idea is waaay too good for WWE booking, but let's see. Because if he squashes jobbers for one more month or even less, no one will give a damn about him. Book him right WWE, he has the potential.
  14. Who give's a f*ck about Ryback?
  15. :tagteammatch:
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  16. Quite a lot of people.
  17. How did you see Smackdown already? Is it on YouTube?

  18. http://wweforums.net/showthread.php?tid=4136

    Such a noob. :dafuq:

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  20. Both of them?
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