Just Signed for BITW - C&C vs War Machine

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  1. Fri, June 19th, 2015 - LIVE ON PPV
    From the very first moment he stepped into an ROH ring, Cedric Alexander was clearly something special. His gifts as a professional wrestler speak for themselves. Alongside veteran athlete Caprice Coleman, Alexander attacked the Ring of Honor tag team scene with the enthusiasm and heart unique to someone who knows his future is limitless. Throughout the years, Cedric has risen through the ranks of ROH as both a tag and singles competitor. As both his friend and mentor, Caprice saw the potential his partner had in singles competition and, incredibly, offered to stand aside and pushed Cedric to pursue his luck in that realm.

    Since then, Cedric Alexander has taken on the absolute best in the world and impressed at every single opportunity. Roderick Strong, Christopher Daniels, Michael Elgin, Okada...the list goes on and on. But despite these marquee match ups and show stealing performances, Cedric has grown increasingly hostile and frustrated. The reason is as basic as the barest tenet of professional wrestling itself: in every match there is a winner and a loser.

    Cedric Alexander needs to be a winner.

    To him, all the accolades in the world did not matter if in the last three seconds of his matches, he found himself on the losing end. The frustration grew, showing itself more and more through his actions and on his face. His eyes reflecting his mounting doubts and anger, and he even started refusing the Code of Honor after a defeat.

    On the most recent episode of ROH TV, Cedric FINALLY secured a victory, but some fear the cost of his actions will tarnish his reputation forever. When Veda Scott saw the undefeated Moose's winning streak in jeopardy, she attempted to get him to use a weapon - what would be revealed as a wrench from underneath the ring - against his opponent, Cedric Alexander. Moose refused, his personal honor too important to risk blatantly breaking the rules. Cedric, on the other hand, snatched the wrench and cracked it over Moose's head himself. Two streaks ended at once, and Cedric Alexander finally snagged a win. But at what cost?

    Caprice Coleman has watched his friend and student descending into darkness and desperately reached out. After weeks of unreturned calls and texts, Coleman asked ROH to posh a video plea to his former partner. In it, Caprice repeated the same praises that Cedric has heard his entire career. He pushed him to look at his recent opportunities not as loses, but as chances to raise his stock and further impress the world. He urged him not to listen to these "sources" pushing him toward frustration and dishonor. The message was beyond clear: Cedric, you are better than this.

    It seems that, against all odds, Caprice has gotten through to Cedric. This Friday at BEST IN THE WORLD, their tag team will REUNITE once again! But they don't have an easy night ahead of them. Just signed: Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander team up to face WAR MACHINE!

    The team of Hanson and Ray Rowe are without question the most physically dominant force in Ring of Honor today. They were not around when Caprice and Cedric made their previous run as a unit, but these two teams are no doubt studying each other's strategy in preparation for this huge match on pay-per-view. This is sure to be a classic battle of speed versus size and of agility versus power. Cedric may have broken his losing streak, but there's no way a man of integrity like Caprice Coleman will allow him to take that sort of shortcut on June 19th. Can Caprice keep his partner focused on the task at hand? If these two can't function as the unit the once were, the unstoppable force that is WAR MACHINE will roll right through them LIVE on pay-per-view!



    Friday, June 19th, 2015
    Terminal 5
    610 West 56th Street - New York, NY
    Doors open 7:30pm - Bell time 9:00pm

    *Main Event*
    Champion vs. Champion
    ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe vs. ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal w/Truth Martini

    ROH World Tag a Team Championship: NO DISQUALIFICATION
    ROH World Tag Team Champions The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) vs. reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly)

    ROH World Champion #1 Contender’s Match
    “Mr ROH” Roderick Strong vs. Moose vs. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

    The Kingdom (Adam Cole, Michael Bennett, Matt Taven) w/ Maria Kanellis vs. Bullet Club (AJ Styles & Young Bucks)

    Donovan Dijak w/Truth Martini vs. Mark Briscoe

    Silas Young vs. Dalton Castle

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