Just started watching Archer...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 19, 2013.

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  1. does Archer remind anyone else of Ziggler? Their wit and delivery on their retorts are very similar.
  2. karate? The dane cook of martial arts?

    lmfao, this show is classic
  3. On a scale of 1 to mt everest how high are you?
  4. Dolph has admitted that his comedy is Archer's comedy on twitter if I remember correctly. He's a huge Archer fan.
  5. My friends watch that show when they're stoned. I watched it with them a couple of times, pretty funny :obama:
  6. Sounds about right.

    Archer is awesome. Really funny/cheesy comedy done right. Jon Benjamin is one hilarious mother fucker, after seeing him Archer takes on a whole different meaning.
  7. makes sense

    I'll put it to you like this. I just slept for 8 hours, woke up and I'm still about a 4 or a 5.
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  8. I'm 3 eps in and he is one of my favorite characters ever. His lack of giving a fuck is so fucking funny.

    how was I supposed to know you were lactose intolerant?

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  9. It only gets better from here. Season 1 is good season 2 is just hilarious.
  10. "Cyril, come on! Worst case scenario her cover got blown and Scorpio is raping her senseless before he chops her battered corpse into fish food..."

    *how can you say that?*

    "what?? I said WORST case"
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  11. I remember watching the first season during my second or so year in college. Should probably rewatch it some time.
  12. that chick was like the Pele of anal

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