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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Spaz, May 11, 2013.

  1. <Gay Thread That Only People Who Know Me Will Get>

    So, imagine my surprise when I found an old bookmark and it took me here and it was still as active, if not more, than when I left it. Crayo like a puppy, loves ideas and shit at first, then loses interest.

    The amount of forums we've made and been part of in the last 5 years, the amount of scenes we dipped in and out of. I'm impressed that you finally found something that you can stay active with.

    I feel like there's a void in my life where MajorSpeed used to sit. Oh how I miss that. My degree is nearly over. I will be back! Despite not really knowing anything about WWE or, quite frankly, not caring that much, it's still amusing to listen to someone try to make Cornwall an interesting place.

    From game hacks to hacking in general to selling things to a sport forum is quite a change. Not only that but to think after all those HORRIBLE themes and skins, you finally found one that isn't THAT bad (I always have criticism Crayo, you know this...). All I can say before I go is good job. User base seems pretty stable and definitely less toxic than it used to be.

    Couple of things left, 1) you owe me that adsense money from the second forum we created :emoji_wink: 2) No I still can't make hacks and probably won't ever get round to learning. 3) Your mum and I still have regular chats :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: 4) Nomy - Cocaine.

    Nostalgia complete. Peace.
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  2. I fucking love you so much. We were talking about you the other day (Xanth and I). You will get the adsense when you make me the game hack :tough:. I've been waiting for that for so many years Spaz lmao.

    At least you didn't say my Mum's name in here :sad:
  3. Ahhh Sky, my fat ginger Scotish friend. I'll have to get back on skype/mumble some more after my exams and catch up. Tell you all the graphical mistakes on said forum and watch you rage as you realise i'm right.
  4. Mumble? God you're old, lmao.
  5. What do the hip kids use these days?
  6. Skype. Only Skype.

  7. Majorspeed reporting for duty.
  8. Lmao ffs I thought that name died already Spaztaz666.
  9. That's changed now. I'm legit. It's TaroAM.
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