Just what exactly do we do with Tyson Kidd?

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    Tyson Kidd is one of those guys that despite not being used that much is considerably over in a niche sense. His fanbase is not the biggest but they exist and they are loyal. They also seem to have grown as of late and management also seemed to look with good eyes on him during his 2012. He got a fairly big PPV appearance and showed up regularly on Main Event as well as semi regularly on Smackdown. Kidd is obviously out with an injury right now but when he was injured there was a lot of talk online (both here and elsewhere) about how he should get some sort of mid card push. But not a lot of people seem to really have a plan other than "put the US or IC title on him" or "revive the cruiserweights dammit!". Kidd is obviously a talented wrestler and he has improved a lot on the microphone (He's never going to be a Punk, Cena or Austin though but with practice he could maybe be a Bryan) and he without a doubt has something to bring to the mid card in the form of a technical underdog babyface. He just needs a character and some direction.

    So here's the question. How would you book Tyson Kidd on his return sometime in the summer?
  2. He needs some sort of character or personality transplant before I can think of any way to book him effectively. As long as he's just a great wrestler and nothing more, he'll just end up as another Charlie Haas who gets future endevoured just because creative can't find any way to make him "entertaining."
  3. Sin Cara's a bust... they unmasked Generico... Rey needs to retire... Hey, why not throw a mask on him and market him as an underdog?
  4. Sounds good to me.
  5. Return of the Cruiserweight championship? :obama:

    I'd mark for that.

    Time to get guys like Kidd, Gabriel, Bourne, Epico, Hunico and Primo on the card and it seems to be a good way imo.
  6. I only see him winning singles gold if they revived the Cruiserweight division, if he wore a mask he probably be treated better. Fans want to see a crusierweight division imo. He will probably reteam with Gabriel which i want as i want to see them win the tag titles. It would be cool if he was given the IC or us titles but i doubt that will happen. He is Like the TJ Perkins of wwe.
  7. I personally enjoyed the character he showcased on NXT redemption and the new NXT. Where he was the never say die babyface. They actually used his connection to the Hart family in a smart way there, especially with McGillicutty. Where they had him as the man trying to step out of Bret Hart's shadow but still paying tribute to his mentor. He never backed down from a fight.

    It would probably need to be fleshed out some more but it is a good base to work off of.
  8. Yeah that could work really enjoyed his mini feud with Mcgillicutty. Do you think they should revive this feud on main tv when he comes back as not many would of seen both mens nxt work.
  9. Cruiserweight division. Tyson would shine.
  10. If Joe makes it to the main show somehow again then yes, I'd love to see that feud again. It showed how much both men had grown since debuting. Joe/Michael is a good mic worker when he gets to play the rude heel. And he has improved on an already solid ring style and also added psychology to it. He yells at his opponent and the crowd, gets them involved. That makes up for not being a master in the ring easily.

    I'd love to see Kidd vs McHennig revisited.
  11. Sounds great, but what should we do with Gabriel then?
  12. He is solid technically but will never amount to anything in the WWE
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