News Justin Gabriel quits WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CFCrusader, Jan 25, 2015.

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  1. Wow, he walked out on us. Lets start chanting his name to get HHH annoyed. lol
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  2. I predicted he would of been released this year, but he quit. I don't blame him really.
  3. yes! lets HIJACK wrestlemania by chanting GABRIEL!
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  4. Victim of WWE's roster actually becoming talented. Have some fun in the indies.
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    JG quits? Guess it's better off that way. It's not like they used him much or anything.

    Best of luck in your future endeavours.
  6. What a shame. And he was one of my top picks to win the Rumble, too... :booker2::booker2::booker2:
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  7. There goes my money I bet on Justin Gabriel as the Rumble winner... :downer:
  8. Well can't blame the guy by any means, hopefully he finds work elsewhere.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised to see him in TNA.
  10. Well, there's always Fandango...
  11. Or Bo Dallas :bodallas:
  12. One of my buddies is a legit mark for Fandango, it's crazy.. I know being a Sandow mark is weird but c'mon, Fandango? and this was before his debut on the main roster.
  13. Don't sleep on Bo.
  14. I don't, 'cause I Bolieve!
  15. Does this mean he doesn't need to wait that stupid ass 60 days, right? I'm pretty sure after the CM Punk and Del Rio incidents, they suddenly realised that they're independant contractors and therefore can't be forced to not compete for 60 days so he can be back wrestling on TV sooner rather than later?
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  16. I kinda was in the beginning after he first debuted, when they let him show a little more of his charisma and mic skills (i.e. getting pissy when people wouldn't pronounce his name correctly... FAN-DAN-GO.) Now, not so much.
  17. The "no-compete" is something of a smoke screen.

    It can't really be enforced unless you want to one day perform again in the WWE. That's why most guys take it seriously. Even if you're being released, there's still the possibility of being brought back to the WWE. But if you've flaunted their "no compete clause", Vince and Paul probably won't re-sign you. Since WWE is the de facto "major league" of pro wrestling, everybody wants a chance to come back, even if it's not in a wrestling role.

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  18. And his ring name on the indies is......"The DareWolf" PJ Black...

    DareWolf? Seriously.....
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