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    This thread is about: It's pretty much my central base. I try not to post a shitload of threads so I'm just gonna post every ongoing series that I have in this thread. And I already started this thread on the other forum so I'll add the stuff I have already posted there onto here in a little bit cuz I'm a lazy fuck. There was 11 Shows & Etc. But some of them were things I haven't posted on here as threads and the people from the other forum get it. So yeah. I'm posting everything of mine here.​
    Shows & Etc.
    1. Ultimate FaceOFF - This is a show that puts 2 epic characters against each other! It is on Episode 2 currently but I will post episode 1 & 2 in here!​
    2. The Jwab Show - This is where I will have like talk show segments and interview people from WWEF! If you PM me you could be on the first episode but if you make a PM with me call it "JwabTV/Insert Your Name Here" so it will be a PM that you could just talk about future stuff from now on then. Like quick talk and more! This is like an interview pretty much where I post my interview with a certain person!​
    3. Kingdom Hearts - The other day I just started making rough drafts for anime that would be based off Kingdom Hearts. I will post them in here!
    4. WWE: A New Beginning - You will be getting the latest on the show so when a PPV or a Show comes up you will be notified on here.
    5. Jwab Reviews - I will review Movies/Video Games/PPVs/TV Shows/Etc. It will be pretty awesome!​
    6. Jwab's Opinion Corner - I will post opinions about trailers and more!​
    7. TotalNonstopHeel's Batman: Gotham Rising - This is a brand new take on the adventures of Batman. This follows 1 year after the death of Jason Todd. With the new Robin. Tim Drake.​

  2. Ultimate FaceOff: Season 1: Ep. 1: "Deadly Venom"
    This is a series where we put 2 amazing characters against each other in this epic simulation. Once you think who should win PM me your vote. And I will write a detailed fight between the two. You may support your person in the thread but PM me your final vote (Maybe we can see controversies down the road or something) But yeah, I always wanted to do this with my Facebook but I am making it into a series WOO! Remember this is only a picture to depict the battle.
    Bane = Forced to serve a life sentence for the crimes of his father, Bane was born and raised in Pena Duro prison. There, he forged himself into the pinnacle of physical and mental potential. Escaping to Gotham City, Bane pitted himself against the Batman and became the "Man who broke the Bat". But when he injects the Venom. He can jump multiple stories, throw boulders, survive falls from massive heights, and becomes smarter. Will Bane on Venom give him what it takes to defeat Venom?!?!? Let us go through his Pros and Cons.​
    Bane's abilities
    • Master of Unarmed combat. He is great at fighting hand to hand.
    • Super Strength
    • Master of Stealth supposedly
    • Stamina
    • Intellect
    • Berserker Strength
    • Escape Artist
    Bane (Knightfall)
    Venom (Eddie Brock) = Eddie Brock bonded with the suit the second it was tore off Spider-Man. He now uses it for his own personal gain. As it makes him super powerful and hard to kill. Can Venom kill Bane or is Bane too much for him?
    Venom's abilities
    • Agility
    • It can form it's symbiote into weapons
    • Super strong
    • Claws
    • Danger sense
    • Stamina
    • Stealth
    • Healing
    • Invulnerability
    Venom (Eddie Brock) fan image
    Fight Scenario: A man is walking down the street. He looks down the Alley and there is a drug deal going on between Bane and some thugs. Bane is being the middle man in this drug deal. All of a sudden a thug pulls out his gun but Bane just snaps his neck and looks over to see a creature. Venom. Venom charges at Bane and Bane runs at Venom. They both jump at each other and Venom gets the upperhand and spears Bane pretty much in midair and throws him. Bane gets up slowly and grabs a trash can and throws it at Venom's face. It bounces off. Venom webs a car at Bane. Bane moves out of the way of the car. Bane grabs a rocket launcher and shoots it at Venom. Venom webs it and it explodes in the middle of them both. The building on the sides of Venom are falling down. He starts jumping from piece to piece and Bane grabs the gun from the thug he killed and starts shooting at Venom. One hits Venom in the leg and Venom mid jump just falls down. Venom is covered by rubble. Bane walks up and just picks him up from the rubble and tells him "You are merely an insect about to be squashed" He lifts up Venom like he is gonna break his back. All of a sudden Venom webs the top of a building and gets himself off but turns around and snaps Bane's neck.
    Venom wins.
    Venom got 16 votes while Bane got 7.
    The fight was a hurry to post the first episode so don't complain.​
    Any battles that you would like to see down the line?
  3. Just joking, pretty good stuff, I'll be reading some.
  4. [​IMG]
    Batman: Gotham Rising - Season 1: Episode 1: King Prince of Crime
    "Come on, we don't got all night!" 2 thugs are robbing a jewelry store. "Hey, keep it down man, I just got out of jail, don't want to go back". "Stop whining and grab the gold"​
    The thugs run towards an ally way. "Where the hell are you going?" "Jail" Batman punches one of the thugs in the face, the other thug charges at batman, batman avoids him. Batman then slams one of the thugs into the wall knocking him out. The remaining thug takes out and knife. "I'm gonna slice you up really nice" The thug stabs batman in the arm, batman grabs the thug's arm and breaks it. Batman leaves them both there tied up.​
    Alfred-"Bruce, you seem like you have became more brutal and ruthless in the past few weeks, what is it?" Bruce looks down shamefully Bruce-"It's nothing Alfred, it's nothing". Alfred-"Are you sure Master Bruce?" Bruce-"Yes, I am sure". Alfred-"For your safety Master Wayne, I say you take the young boy with you". Bruce-"No, he isn't ready. I don't want him to die like Jason." Alfred-"Sir, Master Tim has been training for almost a year now, I think he is ready" Bruce gets up "Alfred, listen to me....he isn't ready"​
    Bruce-"Daddy, can we leave?" Tom-"Yeah, Bruce, honey come on" They walk out of the theater Maratha-"Whats a matter?" Tom-"Uh, nothing just needed to get some fresh air, a musical can take a lot out of you, right Bruce" *Bruce nods* Martha-"Where are we going?" Tom-"Alfred is waiting for us" Martha- "Why are we going this way? It's faster to go just out the front door" Tom-"Alfred can wait honey" A bum walks by and bumps into to Tom "Watch wer- The bum pulls a gun "The pearls now!" Tom looks nervous "It's okay here take my wallet" *Tom drops the wallet and the bum cocks back the revolver* "It's okay don't shoot" *Tom picks up the wallet and goes to take the gun but the Bum shoots him* "I SAID I WANT THE PEARLS" *The bum rips the pearls and shoots Martha* Bruce-"DADDY, MOMMY!"​
    Bruce- "Alfred, I'm starting to get nightmares again" *Alfred brings Bruce breakfast* Alfred- "Then I suggest you stay home tonight Master Bruce" Bruce- "Not while Joker is still running about" *Alfred shakes his head and walks away*​
    Jim- "Oh, you finally decided to show up?" Batman- "What is it?" Jim- "The Bank, Joker robbed it, left everyone there with a smile on their face...literally" Batman- "I'm guessing he escaped?" Jim- "Like always" *Jim turns around to find that Batman has vanished Jim- "I hate when he does that"​
    Police Officer- "PLEASE! I HAVE A KID AND A WIFE! DON'T KILL ME!" Joker- "Okay, untie him boys" Police Officer- "Oh, thank you, thank you so much" Joker- "Go!" *The Police Officer starts running, but the Joker shoots him the back of the head* Joker- "OhahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA. Anyone up for a roasted pig? No, guess I'll leave it here then" *The Joker lights the room on fire, he leaves with his thugs*​
    Tim- Bruce, I'm ready. I can take on the joker with you!" Bruce- "No! For the last tome NO!" Tim- "Why?" Bruce- "You know what happened to Jason! I don't want to have it happen again!"​
    Joker- "One right there, another one there, oh, and one right there. PERFECT! LETS START WITH A BANG! *The Joker detonates bombs* Joker- "Take all the money you can! Security guard- "Hey! What are you doing?!?!" Joker- Oh, hello *Joker pulls out a gun only to have batman swoop in and knock it out of his hand* Batman- Hello to you too. *2 thugs rush out of the vault with Ak-47s. They fire at batman, batman grapples up to the ceiling. Thug #1- You scared? Huh? *The thugs fire blindly up into the ceiling Thug #2- Come down here! Batman- I'm already here *Batman punches the thug in the head and throws a batarang at the other thug knocking the gun out of his hand. Batman fires his bat-claw at the thug and pulls him over into a elbow knocking him out* Joker- "Nighty nighty batsy" *The Joker fires his gun into the back of Batman*​
    1. Did you like the episode?
    2. Do you want this series to be continued?
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