Jwab taking it to Youtube!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. I actually am starting to be on the internetz more so I have an announcement to make. (Other than becoming uber-active like I already am)

    I've been making AMAZING paychecks at work lately so I'm deciding to give back to the land of WWEForums & other websites that shall not be named. I'll be buying at least 2 people Lifetime Premium a month. Maybe more after this month. I'll be donating like a motherfucker so Crayo can add new additions. (More smileys motherfucker). And all of this leads to my major announcement....

    Youtube. It's something that I've been wanting to do for such a long time yet I was too scared to do it. I have such a big ego so if I try youtube and I fail my ego will just be like... "Me... fail?... wat..." and I'll cut myself and cry and use my tears to lubricate my penis when I masturbate which I'm pretty sure will burn since when I was like 13, I tried going dry and it kinda hurt so I went downstairs (No one was my home :boss:) and I got some water from the sink and tried and it hurt like a motherfucker because the water dried my hand up like none other.

    But, continuing off the real subject, Youtube has always been something I've wanted to do. I actually want to be heavily involved with movies but I'm scared if I go to college for it I won't have enough money for college and I'll fail miserably if I find out that there are millions of people that want the same job and they are better than me.... I gotta get back on subject...

    My manager at Burger King even told me she doesn't want me working at Burger King forever and she wants to see me go somewhere in the Movie industry since that's all I talk about at work. I told her I'm trying to youtube but lack the money so she gave me a raise and I'm now getting more hours so I honestly think this manager wants me out of this place. I've bought a Lime Green "Blue" Snowball mic to record audio. I think I might start off with reviews and some pictures on the screen to get started. I was actually thinking about starting a podcast and inviting the likes of @Aids Ryder and @Big Boss to be on it. Aids as a guest. Big Boss as a potential full-timer.

    I've always wanted to be involved with movies even if it was too sit around and think of ideas or to act. I just love movies and I feel that this could evolve me personality wise. I'm a super shy person when it comes to people I don't know and I actually do get kinda nervous when ever filming a video of myself. Not gonna lie.... I usually ramble on to hide that nervousness. My face gets red really easily so I'm trying to master the ways of acting.

    Forums & Skype has realized that the internet is filled with a bunch of fun amazing characters from like Trailer Park Boys or something..... so I plan on interpreting that to Youtube and I would love to have you all along with me.

    Now, here are my plans or ideas for Youtube videos.

    • Gameplays, I have a PS4 at the moment and I plan on getting an Xbox One this summer. I plan on buying another PS3 to get even more in there. So, what all should I buy to do that? Game capture card that you recommend? Editing software of some sort? Anyone online that I could possibly buy a logo or intro from? I would also like to help @Solidus if I ever make it big. I sat there watching one of his streams for like at least an hour and I wish he would be big.... so he could like SHOUT ME OUT nigga.
    • Bromigo Detective Agency - I started this with a friend in Burger King and we are planning a really campy Youtube series that would involve literally close to none special effects at all. Just a bunch of jokes and shitty camera angles. I would love to involve this but I can't seem to find equipment. So if you could help me find legit cameras that are not really expensive but could help with youtube that would be fun. Plus, a special effects software of some sort that comes with a tutorial so I can learn.
    • WTW - World Trampoline Wrestling, It's an idea that me and my friend Liquid put together for Youtube. I was gonna record the matches and ask 2 people on Skype to do commentary over them. It's supposed to be really shitty wrestling and acting on a trampoline with commentators over acting of some sort. Thought you guys would love it.
    • Rap Battles - I've been planning on pitching this to UltraHeelVerge of Youtube fame. It would involve forum members and Youtube users. We could also like act as different characters. "Hulk Hogan vs. Jack Swagger!"
    • Shitty Music Videos - When my friends get high..... we freestyle and I'm gonna ask my friend Javi if he wants to produce... woop woop. You guys wanna see Jwab as a hardcore rapper like Marky Mark, right?!?!
    If I ever become legit and get help of some sort to make high quality youtube videos from someone, I'll make lots of amazing ideas that I have stored deep inside.
    Any suggestions on anything?

    My big question is, could someone find as much stuff I need to make the live action series as in cameras & more that I should have to make these? I'll be forever grateful.

    If you wanna make some deal in a PM to broadcast me across the world... we could do that. But, if you big youtubers wanna help me get big, we can cut some deals. I really plan on getting started really soon. We are going to a farm today to film some BDA scenes btw.

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  2. I don't mind podcasting really, sounds fun. Hope this works well for you, sounds like you have a nice list of stuff you want to do, which is pretty cool :obama:
  3. I also plan on moving to San Diego in about 3 years... maybe, Fooq can join the..... *whips out glasses* BROMIGO DETECTIVE AGENCY!
  4. If I'm around, I think that'd be a cool thing :obama:
  5. I feel that you are foreshadowing your death.... :please:
  6. Lol it's not that. My stepdad has 2 years left in the Navy. When he's done, he's out of here(since he doesn't like big city life). If I can stay here and support myself, then I'm staying. If not, I'm either going to move with them, or my hometown, which would be close anyhow, 2 hours away.
  7. You could find a big 5 room house :emoji_grin: But, if you do find a reasonable priced 5 room place, me and like 3 of my friends are looking to move to San Diego. :emoji_wink: You can live in our closet or something.
  8. Lol, I know all about the apartments here. The problem is, finding people who are good with communication. I've been ready to move out, but they all found other roomates and moved in without even telling me. Stealing Intel in a nutshell.
  9. How much are apartments down there?
  10. Depends really. I've seen single bedrooms go from 800- up to 2000. There are also 2 bedroom apartments that are 1000, 1400, etc. Three bedrooms I've seen is 1500-1700 and more. Pricing and options depends on how many people and how much hours/pay they get. Also throw in stuff like internet, water, electric, etc. It's not hard to live in San Diego with people, but they need one thing; a job, also commitment, with is anywhere.
  11. Man, that sounds like a lot but I'm guessing the minimal wage is higher down there also? I could always have people bunk in each room. 4 people in a 2 room apartment = Woop.
  12. $8 dollars until July, then it'll be $9.
  13. Looks like Imma come down after July.
  14. Did I mention 2015 is $10? :otunga:
  15. Where are you getting these details son!?
  16. So, living in San Diego. Is it easier to lure hot chicks from Comic-Con into the rape dungeon?
  17. Damn straight. Tell them you are rich and they'll follow you anywhere.....even a dark alley :ksi:
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