Kaitlyn and Big E discuss the Admirer...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Acailler, May 1, 2013.

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  2. :haha: Big E laying the :pipebomb: Big E should really be a tweener and let his character be like this/
  3. lol. Big E is jokes.
  4. Big E is ridiculously charismatic behind the keyboard, Dolph'sZiggler when did you start writing his material? He just needs to get better at letting it shine through on screen. He has his moments but mostly he just stands there looking dull.
  5. I laughed while reading Big E tweets LOL
  6. He's like this with off show videos too. I think it's the script he's being given.
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  7. LOL nice job Big E. You just tried to flirt :pity:
  8. haha elbow grease on the counter. WIN.
  9. Big E is probably one of you keyboard warriors on here
  10. Big E stealing Dat Kid's quotes :pity1:
  11. I literally thought of either Dat Kid or @Farooq when I was reading Big E's tweets. LOL

    But nah, he's the same way off-screen too as Farooq mentioned. He has a lot of chemistry with April (AJ) as well, it's really funny. I s'pose it's just the shitty script he's being given. :upset:
  12. Couldn't have been me, I didn't say "can i ask you an inappropriate question"
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  13. That would seem like something Big E would ask though. :dawg:
  15. This is my kind of storyline. Finally WWE doing something edgy and exciting.

    inb4 dolph's shits on my stagnant jokes
  16. :lol1: Nice tweets.
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