Kaitlyn Tweets About Layla, King Kong Bundy, WWE '13 Simulation

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    - If you want WWE Legend King Kong Bundy to come to your house and watch RAW on Monday night with you and your friends, FAN SLAM! now allows you to get this chance, for a fee of course. Fans in the New Jersey area can contact [email protected] for more information, or visit their Facebook page.
    - Last night on SmackDown, Layla turned on Kaitlyn and sided with AJ Lee. Kaitlyn tweeted after the turn:
    “I hope AJ and Layla are very happy together. I mean, they share common interests; back stabbing and long walks on the beach.”
    - WWE posted a video of Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk being simulated on the WWE ’13 video game to hype SummerSlam:

  2. That turn sucked
  3. Layla trying to act like if anyone cares if she is face of heel at this point, sorry, I see this more of a storyline thing where Layla is using mind games to play with AJ, but of course AJ will dispose of her easily.I can't see Layla trying to get that Laycool 2.0 going, I hated it then considering it a Beautiful People sloppy seconds idea, and besides that makes what Natayla the lone babyface?
  4. I'd mark if AJ, the Bellas, and Layla were in the ring shit talking everybody, and Nattie comes out and takes them all out.

  5. Goldberg like hmm, Natayla deserves more than anyone to get a push of some kind.WWE is forcing themselves to bring up new Divas.
  6. Naw she's more talented and can say more then, "YOU'RE NEXT!" I think it would be smart to build up the division first with the names you already have, then bring in the young talent.

  7. What talent, really the only talent you have is AJ/Kaitlyn and Natayla.The Bellas are worthless, and the rest are very much of the same, just pretty faces.Theirs Women in NXT that are way better than the one's on the main roster.
  8. Layla can be used as well, and Nattie can be placed above the Bellas, since they get screen time and it would at least give Nattyla something to do. Going over two people would make her look stronger then she does right now. They can use Summer and Naomi as well.
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