Kaitlyn's attacker is.....

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  1. Kaitlyn's attacker is Kelly Kelly!!!!!!!!

    Kelly Kelly last appeared on Raw at the beginning of August where she defeated Eve in that match. This could be Kelly Kelly turning heel for the first time in her career by attacking Kaitlyn. Kelly Kelly also must want another divas title reign thats why she attacked Kaitlyn to stop the match happening. This could be huge!!!!! also its been reported Kelly Kelly is gonna return full time at the end of the year so theres enough time to build up this attacker storyline and then Kelly Kelly finally returns and reveals she is the one who attacked Kaitlyn.

    Kaitlyn did say on Raw it was a blonde from the security footage therea only 3 blondes Kelly Kelly, Beth, Natalya that I know of and Kelly Kelly is the most obvious choice that fans wont see coming when she turns heel

    Come on WWE do it!!!!! turn Kelly Kelly heel
  2. I have a hard time seeing Kelly as the attacker. She wouldn't make a believable villain at all.
  3. The most obvious choice is Natalya, Her and Kaitlyn were having a "online feud" with Natalya saying she's not worthy of a title shot.
  4. *Comes in expecting quality discussion about the only Divas' storyline in a while*
    *Leaves disappointed*

    Nattie's been established as the designated jobber for the Divas', so it shouldn't be her.

    Throw a wig on Paige and let it be her.
  5. I would love for it to be Paige, didn't think about sticking a wig on her though. :obama:
  6. The real attacker is....
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  7. Blonde hair?

    This is the attacker. 100 percent.

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  8. I knew it :(( I knew The Rock hated Kaitlyn :upset: HOW COULD YOU!!!
  9. The attacker is either Eve or Natalya.

    Eve because she's a smarmy heel.
    Natalya because they had a Twitter feud.

    It's 100% not Kelly Kelly.
  10. Yeah, let's see where this ends up. I'm not really sure who it is.
  11. I'm 98% sure it's Natalya.
  12. :ohgod:
  13. Kaitlyn attacked herself. #Blondes
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  14. Val Venis #IfYouKnowWhatIMean
  15. You have a very good point there.
  16. You are all wrong

    You should all come back to me when its revealed its Kelly Kelly and say your were right BLFFL
  17. Kelly Kelly can only work face.
  18. If it's Kelly Kelly I'll change my name to BLFFL's Bitch
  19. You have got to be trolling at this point.
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