Kalisto to main roster rumor

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. There's been a huge rumor boom lately in regards to current NXT roster member Kalisto, who alongside Sin Cara have been apart of the Lucha Dragons tag team.. The rumor is that Kalisto will be called up pretty soon, potentially after Wrestlemania. The team itself had beaten the recently called up Ascension to obtain the NXT Tag Team titles from them. Sin Cara recently has found himself involved in some matches over the past couple of weeks on the main WWE roster shows, most notably going against Bad News Barrett..


    One big reason for the rumor is something that happens on an already taped episode of NXT that has yet to air.. you can read that in the spoiler below if you wish.

    Decent Sized NXT Spoiler (open)
    Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy defeat the Lucha Dragons to become the New NXT Tag Champs.

    Now I'm going to ask how do you think they are going to incorporate the talent of Kalisto on the flagship show and the Main Roster? Will he continue his teamwork with Sin Cara that seems to be pretty over for the NXT crowd? Will he take a ride on the solo express and work the singles circuit?

    Personally I would like to see him continue his teamwork with Sin Cara if he does get called up like the rumors are saying.. The main reason being is I still don't feel the tag team division is that strong and a lucha team would help make it a little bit more dynamic IMO.

  2. Cool.

    The only guy I see debuting on the main roster sooner than Kalisto is Neville, but that's alright, I cannot wait to see 'em both there.

    I can see him continuing to work with Hunicara, and then go on to singles run... Quite possibly for US/IC title which'd happen some time in 2016, but that depends on his booking.
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  3. I think working with Sin Cara to start is probably the best way to have him "debut" and start off his main roster career.. but yes he definitely should go on an IC run at some point most likely WAY late this year or anytime the following year.
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  4. Should come up in the team he's in.
  5. Kalisto should be coming up after this shortlived "feud" between Sin Cara & BNB ends, assuming it's not over already.. It seems both Triple H & Vince are high on Kalisto so that usually spells good news for the respective superstar.. Hopefully his knees can hold up and he doesn't need as much care/surgery as Rey Mysterio had during his career.
  6. I think the feud's over, bro.

    But needless to say I'm pumped to see him on the main roster. Hopefully he'd be utilized well.
  7. LU-CHA
  8. Great news. He's going to be what they wanted sin Cara to be.
  9. looking for Samuray Del Sol to debut on Raw
  10. How's his mic skills? I wonder if he can really make it on the main roster; if he's good with a mic, he'll be a hit.
  11. :facepalm:
    And another great talent like Kalisto is gonna be ruined once he comes up to the almighty main roster.

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news...-a-wwe-nxt-superstar-possibly-debuting-a-gay/

    You already have a gay guy on the roster, why don't you use him instead? But oh wait, he's black...
  12. LOL.

    That rumor started on Reddit. There's no weight to it. It's a literal "I know a guy who knows a guy who..." rumor.

    Zero weight to it.
  13. Bucky Beaver motherfucker strikes again.
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  14. I find it hard to believe that WWE are going to drop the almost guaranteed money they'll make off of Kalistos mask for a gay hairdresser gimmick.

    Vince is after all, a capitalist first and foremost
  15. Surely they wouldn't drop their future #1 masked luchadore to give him a gay stylist gimmick (something nobody wants to see him do), to look for a new luchadore to replace him.
  16. Cool, then.
  17. Rico 2.0? :lol1:

    What a load of BS.
  18. Boring masked wrestler or gay hair stylist?

    Personally I know which one sounds more entertaining for me, albeit for the wrong reasons.
  19. Having the gay hair stylist sounds about right for Vince. Using sexuality as a gimmick would just be low.
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