News Kana is official

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Sep 8, 2015.

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  2. Heard amazing things about this lady, excited to see what's to come!
  3. Great news!
  4. Never heard of her, but good luck to her. Maybe she can breathe some life into the WWE Divas division ( :smirk2:)
  5. And I see she's already exceling in politics. #LevesqueIsMyFavoriteEver
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  6. Kana's new name is...

    Show Spoiler

    - As noted, new WWE NXT Diva Kana is in attendance for tonight's NXT TV tapings at Full Sail University. It looks like she will make her TV debut in two weeks, in an in-ring segment with NXT General Manager William Regal. Her new ring name is Asuka.

    Nice and pretty chantable.
    Although I was expecting them just adding an extra 'N' to her name, this making it Kanna (as was shown at Takeover: Brooklyn), but whatever.
  7. More On Kana's New WWE Ring Name


    Ahh, nice.
  8. I wondered if it might be in tribute to Lioness Asuka.

    And I'm excited to see Kana/Asuka in NXT. She's a hell of a worker.

  9. Everyone is going to be mispronouncing it. Well everyone except Regal that is who had it right this week.
  10. Yeah, it's pronounced as "Aska", the vowel U is very silent/barely pronounced.
  11. Hope they treat her well.
  12. The debut was kind of garbage. Hopefully creative will get their shit together and book her well.
  13. Her debut kind of reminded me of Hideo's debut. I was so pissed to hear Dana's music afterwards, she just had to come out and kill all the fun.
  14. Exactly, it was pretty much Itami's debut, except Dana isn't beating anybody up because she's terrible.
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  15. Okay, on it's own, that may have been the worst debut I've ever seen. Lol. Just gonna walk away and waltz on out of there? How lame...

    BUT, the whole split personality thing seemed cool. Seeing her just kinda glare away from underneath her hair with that sick smile was BADASS. I'll be patient and see where this goes.

    There's not gonna be any beatdowns here though! This feud isn't gonna be about putting over Dana lol. Guess the main reason Dana amuses me is that I highly doubt the company has big plans for her. She's Chick Heath Slater, the cocky comedy character that gets steamrolled in 2 minutes by anyone important. This is ALL about getting Asuka over.
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  16. I wasn't enjoying the debut until she turned back and looked at the ring. That was a great look she gave Dana and Emma.

    I'm looking forward to seeing Asuka in the ring in NXT.

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