Kane Accidentally Bleeds During Raw

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Jul 10, 2012.

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  2. Interesting
  3. my poor kaneypoos :((
  4. Did we actually need to know this? I don't see what point they are trying to come out with tbh.
  5. Probably Big Show's fault again.
  6. :okay:

  8. We needed to know this. If Kane bleeds five times in one week the world will blow up.
  9. OK man, thanks for the info Jose. :jericho:
  10. But Kane still kept going this just shows what a bad ass he is
  11. Say what?


    Badass? :haha:
  12. Whatever to that John Cena pic. Kane is older and can still go in the ring for his age of 45 years old and for him to bleed and still go is incredible he is such a great talent and i hope he gets another run with the title soon
  13. How is it incredible? It was a minor cut according to the report, probably a busted lip from my own speculation. Let's not act like it's a serious injury he's battled through here.
  14. I stubbed my toe while walking. I'm incredible.
  15. Finishing a match after a minor cut is not such a big deal, even if Kane's 45.
  16. I thought I noticed some blood during the show. Looked like it was a very small amount in the crease of his hair/mask
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