Kane/Cena/Eve Twist

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  1. What is Kane going to end up doing to Eve next week? I for one would like to see a bigtime character transformation from either Eve or Zach Ryder as an end result, face it Cena will not be changing anymore than a slightly more aggressive attitude in the weeks leading up to mania...so what happens? Obviously Cena saves Eve from Kane heavily breathing in her face (the end of Raw was pretty much alluding to PG sexual harassment) and will win the ambulance match but then what? Where does Ryder get sick of being associated with Cena just because he's John Cena.. something bigger is brewing here...

    Maybe Cena will end up steeling Eve from Ryder?
  2. Lol waste a Cena heel turn by stealing a diva from a superstar, no way.
  3. Well, Ryder could become a pissed off broski, He would turn heel, and Eve would leave him for Cena?? Lol
  4. Why turn one of your most over faces heel?
  5. Ryder isn't turning. They won't waste the biggest heel turn in history on Ryder, if it's going to happen ever - it'll be against The Rock in his hometown on the biggest stage of them all.
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  6. I personally sense an Eve heel turn, that's just what I've been thinking for a while.
  7. Rock is from Miami? I never knew that. Cena is already hinting towards the heel turn though. I've never heard so many boos and "Cena Sucks" chants ever, as I have heard lately.
  8. They seem to be easing up on him tbh. 2006-2007 during his mega push he got some serious hate.
  9. personally I don't think this story line really fits Kane, or at least it doesn't fit the return of the masked Kane. This story line along with Kane's actions and mannerisms in promos better fit the unmasked Kane. They should have made his return under the mask as one of revenge against the guy who (kayfabe) injured him, Mark Henry, or one where he was more silent and methodical and indestructible, like the old masked Kane. This gimmick looks more like the bald Kane just slapping a mask on.
  10. It is a bit weird since old Kane wouldn't give a crap if Cena wouldn't "embrace hate" It's as if Kane is doing Cena a favour - where as he would never do such things in his past which the mask does present.
  11. What I don't understand is why bring Ryder up (as himself) to the point where fans were popping for him louder than anyone else on the show at the time, give him the US Title, & have him constantly on TV when he's just a pawn in the Cena/Kane angle?
  12. My guess is they're repackaging him. As much as most of us like Ryder, his current gimmick is not acceptable really for US champion. He needs to have that fun side but still look strong. He'll probably come back to a huge pop, go over some people and get his United States Championship back as a stronger character.
  13. They really need to do something different other than "Kane terrorizes X, Cena comes in for the save." We've seen this time and time again, and it's already happened in this feud. If they're going to continue this thing through Elimination Chamber, I think it should be done in a way that will lead into Cena's feud with The Rock for WrestleMania.
  14. I love the feud the only fact is that I want Ryder and Eve to fuck off. The only thing I will accept is Ryder turning heel b/c of this.
  15. The Cena/Kane feud was only meant to prepair Cena for the match with Rocky. To give him even more of a push to change up the same ol' routine.
  16. I think somewhere Eve is gonna be massively involved for example she now hates on Cena big time as she's blaming Cena for getting Ryder involved so, on Ryders return she has a massive moan at Ryder telling him it's all Cena's fault Cena and Ryder argue cutting that tie and Cena then faces and loses to Ryder but then beats the semi crap outta him post match setting him up fully to embrace the hate as a heel as I think he turns before WM so Rock gets the pop at WM! As this then sets Ryder up as he got a win over the Superman Cena and if done correctly can send him over without damaging Cena! All the while Kane plays mind games with them all forcing the events to infold and continues to torment Cena pushing him further and further down the dark path!

    Pure fantasy I know but sounds cool I reckon as turning Cena before WM would give Rock the pop we all know he wants!
  17. Because this is a way to have him get a more serious gimmick and keep him relevant.
  18. Lol in the corner of the pic in ur sig there's a forever alone guy of
  19. Have Eve turn heel and join Kane? Even Lita thinks that's in poor taste
  20. IDK if Cena will/should turn Heel against Kane or Rock. Both have their ups & downs, but the biggest thing I don't get is how Rock is going to be brought in w/ all the Kane stuff going on.
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