[KANE/CENA SPOILER]So effin' obvious!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. On RAW when Cena was hitting Kane with the steel steps, he kept saying 'EVERYTIME YOU GET BACK UP I'M GOING TO KNOCK YOU BACK DOWN' or words to that effect.


    It's so obvious that it's going to be John Cena vs. Kane at the Elimination Chamber PPV in a Last Man Standing match.

    This is one of Cena's 'specialities' and immediately after the EC Cena is booked to transition to his feud with the Rock.

    Having a LMS match is a perfect way to end the feud, perhaps Kane goes missing for a few weeks?


    I called it!
  2. Could be right to be honest, or a no holds barred match. LMS matches can take a while, with 2 EC matches I don't know if they could fit it in, but it'd be pretty cool if Cena had to stoop really low to beat him.
  3. LoL, I thought you were gonna post this.