Kane could possibly go after AJ???

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, May 28, 2012.

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  1. There seems to be a Kane/Daniel Bryan thing on the horizon so could Kane possibly go after AJ to heat up this feud???

    Remember Kane's history of going after divas heres the list

    Trish Stratus
    Kelly Kelly
  2. I don't think so, she seems to be portraying a heel.
  3. I wish he'd just retire already.
  4. Kane could either stalk AJ, start a love storyline with her or AJ could team up with Kane by turning heel and getting back at Daniel Bryan for what hes done to her
  5. I don't think they'll do anything that relates AJ and Kane a lot. And I agree with Crayo, Kane should put over one last guy this year and retire.
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  7. There is no logic in Kane going after AJ. AJ and Bryan are no more and AJ seems more intent on getting with Punk now. Punk and Kane have no beef and the beef seems to be between Bryan and Kane. Bryan has proven time and again he does not care about AJ unless he can get a cheap laugh out of it. The entire idea is just stupid.
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  8. Inb4 he chokeslams you to hell. :dawg:
  9. Punk/AJ is pretty much a hit for the majority of the Universe so I think this won't happen.
  10. Katie Vick storyline no. 2?
  11. I've got a feeling that AJ's going to help Kane win.
  12. I don't want Kane to win the title, Bryan should be the champion. I don't know who AJ will help, could be anyone.
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  13. Kane is going to win!

    [size=x-large]PIE BOMB![/size]
  14. I could see them giving Kane the title as a retribution for everything he's done for the company, but I think he was only put in this match either to put the guy who pins him over, to keep Punk vs Bryan singles matches a little bit fresher by not having them on every PPV, or for Punk to drop the title to Bryan without losing.
  15. Could be done this way. Where Punk claims he wasn't 'defeated' and he wasn't 'pinned' therefore he should have the opportunity to have a direct rematch and it wouldn't make him look bad. So, it's a win for Punk and a win for Bryan at the same time. This would further the storyline, possibly until SummerSlam.
  16. And we'd have Punk vs Bryan at Summerslam. They could make it a Submission or an Iron Man match, it would be great.
  17. An Iron Man match would be the best option as that would really bring the whole Paperview concept alive and it'd be one of the best matches for years to come.
  18. For sure. A 30-minute Iron Man match between Punk and Bryan... :gusta:

    And the build up for that would be awesome. I hope they book this or something similar.
  19. Probably not. There's something going on with AJ and Punk.
  20. With Kane being added there is more possibilities but it still bugs me.

    Kane could do something to AJ to distract Punk so Kane gets the win (since Punk apparently cares for her now)
    AJ could pretend to like Punk but really is just working for Bryan again, AJ distracts Punk & Bryan gets win.
    AJ kisses Punk, Bryan interferes with it but Kane takes advantage and chokeslams both. Etc. So many.
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