Kane cuts off interview

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Must be a record as far as I know.
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  2. Pretty silly to me.
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    I love their humor about it, Especially the Ric Flair part!

    They have a point though, If they call him that in a live show what is he going to do, roll out of the ring like Gail Kim? (All though, That would be cool to see Kane chuck a tantrum!) Great post, Made me laugh.
  4. Kane didn't sound pissed to me, more like it was just a bad time for him.
  5. Don't recall people ever talking about that character. Maybe he just hated that gimmick I suppose.
  6. He was probably only suppose to talk about current events happening in the wwe and they kept trolling up the past so he ended it. He probably wasn't pissed, just doing his job.
  7. Thats surprising as I have watched other interviews and Kane comes across as a friendly guy who is very smart
  8. We have so many better radio hosts and shows in Cincinnati imo. Too bad he got stuck on that one.
    I would have lost my patience early too.
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