Kane has a bitching house

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Bet you Undertaker helped him get it this nice #Kayfabebrothershelpeachotherout

    INB4 baby Kane set the corners of the pool on fire.

    Nom nom nom.

    Fuck off Big Show shirt.

    What ten years of see saw booking can get you.

    Thanks Pwmania.
  2. Very nice house, nothing like taking horrible bookings for a decade while getting that cash. Now I know why he won't retire.
  3. He needs to clean his pond.
  4. he's gonna drown that kid. :silva:
  5. Big house for big Man
  6. didnt know his son was michael cera
  7. Kane has a sweet ass house you see thats what WWE pay gets you
  8. only high profile superstars get a lot of money tbh.
  9. Yeah the top stars have sweet ass houses but for new talent coming into the business if they work hard and get to be a top talent they will have nice hosues like this
  10. Ha! Kane wearing a Big Show T-shirt quality.
  11. I didnt know Kane had a baby?
  12. Well he's quite old now.
  13. kane's house is huge so is himself
  14. Kane has a nice house and all respect to him
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