Spoiler Kane in a suit.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 5, 2013.

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  1. What do you guys think of his new role then? I am a huge fan personally.
  2. Kane in a suit is weird to see on TV,but, I'm very intrigued on where they go with all of it.
  3. It was weird as fuck, the only time I saw Kane wearing a suit was at the hall of fame, and that was still weird
  4. Its kinda like his answer to Taker's American Badass persona.
  5. Would bang/10
  6. I'm all for Citizen Kane.
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  7. More interestingly, thoughts on Bryan's hair?! Wtf man. Go back to a short cut and keep the beard.
  8. I try not to spend too much time discussing the attractiveness of men, but my wife said she kinda liked Bryan's ponytail and combed beard rather than his late look.

    As to Kane in a suit, I like the idea of him being the corporate monster and think this will lead to Kane vs. Big Show after Big Show's unsuccessful title challenge at Survivor Series (which he'll probably lose due to Kane's interference). At least it's a very different role from any he's played since he arrived in WWE, so that will be pretty cool.

  9. Epic.

    Would be better imo to let him come out just as Glenn Jacobs. It fits him and the situation totally.
  10. Anyone have a pic? was he wearing teh mask? lol
  11. ok Russo
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. imo it was kind of weird for a guy whose personality simply doesn't meet wearing a suit wearing a suit. He's always taking or putting his mask on//off and I would prefer him to stay without a mask tbh.
  14. It's Abyss!
  15. Kane in a suit was more disturbing than his return to the mask imo. Just looked wrong an pretty damn scary as he's the big red machine but the corporate version.
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  17. He looks like an overweight 7'0" version of Toby Flenderson.
  18. I'm curious to see where they go with the corporate embodiment of Kane. I was surprised to see him walk out wearing a suit and tie since I didn't really expect them to go there, but it's definitely something different, so it has my interest. Obvious prediction, of course, is Kane costing Big Show the WWE Title, leading to a rivalry between the two.
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  19. inb4 2nd and 3rd paragraph.
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    I thought it was awesome and completely unexpected. He looked like a hitman or something.

    Edit- Throwing a video I made from the segment in.
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