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  1. I think most of us know Kane doesn't want a title run and wants to push talent, so what is the point of putting him in the title scene exactly. Title matches are supposed to look equally balanced, the challenger is supposed to look like someone who will take the title. The whole build to Extreme Rules was good an all, but I had no doubts that Bryan would retain, because I knew Kane won't hold the belt. I don't see why Kane needs to be in the main event title scene, if he wants to get guys over, play in the upper-mid or mid card scene, getting stars over, so they can go to the main event scene.

    If they wanted shock factor, Putting the title on Kane would have done that,
  2. Honestly, due to Kane being 45 or whatever, not as good as he once was and because he had his character downgraded (as it should've been) throughout his career, yeah, he shouldn't get a main event run. But us not believing that he'll win isn't quite what makes him chasing the title pointless, I mean, many times matches are predictable and that's fine. If it was Orton challenging for the belt, it'd be the same, and so on. And particularly, even though I wouldn't have done it, seeing how the storyline has progressed and their match I'm actually enjoying this feud.
  3. Kane is there to solidify Bryan's name. He's a name just about every fan of the WWE knows, he's credible, has history with Bryan and gets work done. Nothing more to it.
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  4. Derfinitely.
    Should answer your question right? What's that expression?
    If you want something done right, do it yourself. Both Hunter & Kane have been there to PUSH DB and not go on a title run.
  5. I'm generally able to ignore the predictability of a match/feud so long as the build-up is good and the match delivers. In this case, every other potential opponent is already locked up in a program (Evolution is battling The Shield, Bray Wyatt was/is having an excellent rivalry with Cena, etc.), so Kane is just as good as anyone. I like seeing Kane return to his monstrosity one last time (at least I'm hoping... this would be the perfect time for him to bow out for good.)

    And yeah, no one thinks Kane has a chance of winning, but who honestly DID have a chance of winning? Extreme Rules was Bryan's first title defense and Payback is only his second. Bryan clearly isn't gonna drop the championship that quickly, no matter who he's facing.
  6. Really, it's a case of them not wanting to kill off the Authority angle just yet. Someone threw out the idea of "instead of the Race to the Bottom it wound up being, why not have the IC tourney be for Bryan's belt instead? There's plenty of good options in there (Cesaro)" While Triple H is busy with the Shield, it's probably better from a kayfabe sense to have the Authority still be involved with Bryan via Kane/Steph torturing the poor little dude. (Plus the match at ER was universally praised)

    This is probably leading to Triple H vs Bryan at Summerslam, right?
  7. Summerslam plans are H vs Reigns apparently.
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