Kane is BACK!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Tzesi, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. Kane is one of my favorite wrestlers and I'm glad he's back after 8 eight years :emoji_slight_smile:.

  2. Watched this episode live, and marked my ass off. Was so excited to hear his old music and his mask again, completely revitalized his character


    Better video to watch :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. I just like more the videos recorded by fans rather than TV videos,
    Thanks for sharing though :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Oh, why's that lol? I guess it looks more real then. I can't stand low quality videos lol.
  5. It is more real and the atmosphere is better I think, but I do not like low quality videos.

    I was very happy when Kane came back, can not see why he did nothing to Mark Henrey though?

    Can not wait to see what impact he makes.
  6. The Henry thing has confused me too. One theory is Kane being symbolic of the hatred the fans have towards Cena. Thats why he keeps getting the better of him similar to how the negative crowd reactions are getting the better of Cena recently.
  7. My theory is, he's going to control Cena. Both times Kane has appeared I've marked like crazy. This second time was great. Walked out, towards Henry. Henry sold it so fucking well, honestly. Made this whole segment. Then He turned his head towards Cena, I thought Cena was about to beat him down and bury the crap out of him. But he landed on his feet and was just epic.

    I'm calling it now. Kane taking Cena's shirt is symbolic. This is all for Cena's heel turn. Kane will be controlling Cena. Kane smothered Cena around his mouth, for me that means he doesn't want Cena to talk anymore.

    Who knows, but this RAW was one of the best this year. Kane/Cena is now the most interesting part of RAW (excluding It Begins promos).
  8. Nice theroy. Hope this happens. I really do want Cena to turn heel.
  9. Thanks for posting that :emoji_slight_smile:. Wanted to see it again. You see how well it was sold by Henry?
  10. 1:27 really ruined it for me. (his shirt)
  11. Yeah but no way could he rip it off fast if it wasn't pre-torn. Watching it again actually made me think how well Cena sold it aswell at the beginning. I don't think he should of got up at the end, but his facial expressions were great.
  12. True. Anyway, I hope this time Kane will be mute like before.
  13. I want Kane to basically control Cena. Use him like Undertaker & the ern. Cena will do Kane's bidding, steal stuff for him, attack people for him. Or something around that. This storyline is limitless, you can do anything because of the Kane character.

    I personally want Kane to cut a promo, his promos on his last heel run were absolutely fantastic.
  14. I love peoples videos instead of the TV version. You only see one angle and if they're in a dark spot it makes it all the creepier :emoji_grin:
  15. Just rewatched the kane / cena interchange was I the only one who winced when Cena's foot got caught on the chair as he went over the table? He could have broke his ankle really easily there.
  16. Yeah I saw that on the night. He tried to move into the chair I think to avoid the awkward landing on the armrest (very painful) but was a risky move.