Kane Possibly Considering...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DK James, May 17, 2013.

  1. wut.
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  2. He's actually a smart guy, it makes sense for him to get into politics and stuff, I didn't know he'd consider now though.
  3. Wow. Just wow. The Big Red Politician. :robbie:
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  4. Can't do worse than Linda McMahon, stupid republican bitch!
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  5. I remember Lance Storm saying on his website that Kane was one of the most interesting people to talk to backstage and was very knowledgeable on political matters.

    Guess this means he could be retiring soon, at least for a short while if it doesn't work out.
  6. Would love to see how Linda would react if he wins lol.
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  7. As smart as he is, I can see a lot of people not voting for him just because of his wrestling career and character.. because people are stupid.
  8. He used to be a teacher so I don't mind. I have always loved Kane and I would be happy if he left to do something he wants. Also I reckon he would do a good job plus if anyone doesn't like him the BOD can fuck up the other partys
  9. Could you imagine the smear campaigns:

    mr.jacobs was once a crooked dentist and had relations with a corpse. Do you really want him in office?

    Paid for by the opposing party of idiots running for congress.
  10. Kane: I would like to thank you for all for voting for me. This victory will no--

    Linda: :finger: Kane! You suck!

    Kane: Linda be mat--

    Linda: *slaps Kane*

    Kane: *punches her in the stomach and chokeslams her through a table*

    Crowd: :robbie:

    Meanwhile on CNN

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  11. HIs header reminds me of the original xboxs online play, been looking for his blog for a while well by looking I mean sitting down and thinking at some point I'll goo... ooo a squirrel.
  12. That'd be pretty ironic for obvious reasons, but I'm well aware he's suitable for it irl. Would be nice.
  13. for people who don't kane ashley is DR. if u belive that in real life. he really smart i geuss from what i hear. but i can just someone saying hay that the guy who who set jr on fire that guy fuck with shame teagcled. And people will not vote for him b/c of it!
  14. I wish him the best, but can't see him getting elected. He would be better off running for something like mayor of a city.
  15. Possibly, considering? just came to hate. Kane for senate? nope.
  16. I've heard that Kane is a really bright guy outside the ring so I hope his political career goes somewhere.
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