Kane Retiring Soon?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lockard 23, Mar 13, 2014.

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  1. http://www.pro-wrestling.com/news.php?a=1&n=NTQwMjU=

    I have a feeling it'll be at least a few more years before he hangs up the boots, but if he were to retire within the next year or so (shed the suit and tie and return to being The Big Red Monster one last time for a short-run before riding off into the sunset for good), I've have no problem with it. He's had a very good career and he's made as much of an impact as he's gonna make, and his retirement allows even more room for the newer stars that are on the horizon.
  2. Who gives a shit. He can't do shit. His matches with Bryan were terrible. I don't see why old guys like Big Show, Kane, etc, who have so little to contribute, get so many big angles. Fuck him.
  3. I give a shit.
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  4. If you don't like Kane, that's all the more reason to give a shit about the news of his impending retirement. Just saying.
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  5. WWE Superstar Kane has started a new insurance company with his wife in Knoxville, Tennessee called “The Jacobs Agency.” The company offers auto, home, motorcycle, RV, boat, life and commercial insurance, along with retirement planning.

    Kane has reportedly been telling friends that he has been planning to retire from pro wrestling for a while now, but that he has trouble walking away from the money. Apparently his plan is to continue to wrestle as long as he can still make the big money.

    The feeling locally in the political world is that Kane has expressed interest in running for public office as a Libertarian party candidate at some point.

    Source: http://www.sescoops.com/backstage-news-kane-planning-retire-wwe-near-future/
  6. Merged because Lockard was first.
  7. Kane is one of the all time greats the amount of hate he receives from the IWC is disgusting:facepalm:
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  8. Man, I love Kane.... I kind of don't wanna see him leave :emoji_cry: Can we have SHIELD triple power bomb him, at 'Mania, through the ring and have fire come up, pls?
  9. The Big Red Monster will bear it's face once more before retirement.
    I can appreciate him leaving for those reasons; gotta be safe with your fortune (ie: Peyton Manning & Papa Johns) while Kane's is on a smaller scale, simply because he doesn't make Manning money, he's getting himself prepared for when he can't do the job anymore.
  10. Kane still looks in great shape.
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  11. Agree! and can still put on good matchest. I just wish he would go back to the old Kane!
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  12. Agree! and can still put on good matchest. I just wish he would go back to the old Kane!
  13. He should sell fire insurance.
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  14. well I would usually care about these things but considering that its Kane and he sold out I agree with @CMPunk Who gives a shit

    EDIT: On a good note he does have some very memorable matches like him vs raven vs bigshow for the hardcore title and Him vs stone cold in the first blooad hiac match
  15. Laughed at this.

    Aww... I'm gonna miss Kane, that sucks.
  16. To hell with the haters.

    Kane is one of the greatest big men to ever perform in pro wrestling. At 46, he still looks good and he still knows how to work a wrestling match. Anybody who says his recent matches are crap is just looking for a reason to dislike him "because he sold out" (apparently, these people don't know how 2 kayfabe, bra).

    I'm proud of the career he's had and I'm glad he's able to walk away from the business on his own terms. I'm going to miss his in-ring work and his promos (which are some of the most underrated in the business) and, as a libertarian, I hope to one day be able to vote for Glenn Jacobs for something.

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  17. I'll miss him if he does decide to retire :emoji_slight_frown:
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  18. Kane's essentially the guy who got me into wrestling in the first place so I'll definitely check out his final works as a full-time member of the roster (whenever that day may come, I realize the likelihood increases each year but I've been hearing that he'll be retiring soon since 2010 so this news doesn't really have the same effect on me anymore). Even though I can understand the Kane hate, as a lot of his matches are kinda copied & pasted but still, he rarely put on a bad match in my opinion & his character, minus the light-switch nature of it, was awesome and is what pulled me in (though my fascination with fire more than helped there). I always thought he was excellent on the mic too. The guy's definitely earned to enjoy his retirement, though running for a political office sounds like the antithesis of enjoyment to me, if that's the direction he goes in, I hope things go well for him & he isn't hit with the "wrestler" stigma too badly.
  19. When I read this it makes me feel bad for shitting on him the past few weeks. However, he is a complete legend and deserves the respect of the fans. He is categorically one of the greatest of all time and it'll be a shame to see him go, but it also means they don't need to shove him into meaningless feuds that subsequently makes them worse for the sake of being able to do something with Kane. The guy has a gifted mind, and I wish him the best in his business and political careers respectively.
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