Kane - Royal Rumble

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solidus, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Without a doubt the best Royal Rumble competitor of all time.
    11 eliminations in 2001 (that's a record),

    He kicks ass like nobody else.

    And, this great entrance and elimination of Big Show in 2002,

    The commentators really make it great too.
    I have many more Kane moments to share.
  2. I hope he will start dominating everyone as he used too now that he's masked again.
    Do you think he will break the record at this Royal Rumble?
  3. But the mask and his physique isn't so good now. :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. Oh definitely. He's recognized for it aswell. Commentators to this day call it Kane's match, and mention his record every year. Shame he's not likely to ever win it though. I myself am a massive Kane fan. I was just as excited to see Kane put his mask back on as I was when Rock returned in February.

    I have a feeling there's many other Kane fans here too.
  5. I'm a big Kane fan too.

    The guy deserves to win it, but he won't this year.

    I prefer the mask he's wearing actually. Means he can actually breathe and it's just as "scary". Especially his entrance mask.

    Dunno if he'll break his record, I thought they were going to make him break it last year when it was 40 competitors as it'd be easier, but dunno. Perhaps with his mask back they might just let him.
  6. As for his physique Solidus, it hasn't deteriorated as much as you probably think. He's still very agile for a guy his size. Compare him to Big Show, Mark Henry or Khali and you have a 7ft Rey Mysterio.
  7. You're right about that one, huge Kane fan here.

    I just wish he wasn't having this feud with Cena, and not talking. It'd be great for him to just wreck everyone he sees.

    I also think he has a high chance of winning the rumble this year, and breaking his own elimination record.

    I personally think the masks are great, and his physique is still fantastic imo. Well, comparing it to the other big men on the roster.
  9. I guess, but for me, everything about him was better back then. Entrance music, costume, mask.
    Does he still climb to the top rope for a clothesline?
    His chokeslam was definitely better back then, and he used the Tombstone as well.
  10. His entrance music is very similar now isn't it? I love it. His costume could be better I agree. His mask I think is fine if not better. Yeah he still does the top rope clothesline. He stopped using the tombstone years ago, but started again when he feuded with Taker in 2010, not seen him much since so not sure if he does still. Probably will now.

    He's always had the best chokeslam in the business, and still does in my opinion.
  11. Kane does the best chokeslam I've seen in wrestling.
    Compare it to Matt Morgan's, far better :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. I'd love to see him give one to Ziggler, who is my opinion the best seller in the world.
  13. Hmm, I don't know.
    The original mask looked much scarier I think, and you couldn't see him at all, that's most of the fascination for me. Now that he's been unmasked, being masked again just isn't the same.
  14. Naturally. The mystique of the first one revolved mostly around people generally believing he was burned. That's why he was fully covered. Back then there was no Twitter etc so most people thought he had a messed up face. They ditched the mask because he couldn't breathe well. Now I prefer it with his stubble and eye-make up. Looks very good. Either way, I'm just glad he's back with the mask. It's amazing how something so small can rejuvenate someone's character.