Kane Talks About His WWE Future, His New Partnership With Daniel Bryan And More

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. It's nice to see how Kane is involved in the creative process.
  2. It's disgusting that people think of HHH and Taker as the last of the attitude era but not Kane when he's wrestling every week. But yeah, nice guy, amazing storyline.
  3. Completely agree, and to say he's 45 I think he could go a few more years.

    Hopefully they don't noobishly drop the tag titles any time soon.

  4. Mark Henry is also active (injured, but not retired). So is Christian. Just like Kane, they're not mentioned as AE guys... but anyway. I've said Kane has to retire for some time now, and the thing is, when he's beating young guys clean and in the Main Event when he shouldn't be, I'd say he needs to go. When he's in an entertaining storyline, such as his current one, and/or putting new guys over, I think it's nice for him to stay. I like Kane. He's a very nice guy and not selfish at all.
  5. Taker and HHH are icons of the era, bar his debut run in 97 Kane has always been a midcard guy, like Henry and Christian so even though he was there he didn't really define that era. Just an IMO of course.
  6. Umm I don't mean to but in about Taker & Triple H being the last of their era, but when they said end of an era I think they were referring to the era that came before the attitude era. Taker has been around for that long and I believe Triple H debuted a couple of months before the attitude era began if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Kane debuted at Bad Blood 97 which is also considered to be before the AE and Henry debuted in 96 vs Lawler so that still doesn't work lol.
  8. That's fine, but to say they're the last represents of the AE left is a lie. HHH made it seem like when he and Taker retire there's no one left, but Kane had quite a significant part in the AE himself. Just disrespectful imo.
  9. Just remembered Kane's 1st debut was in 95'
  10. You remembered or did you checked Wikipedia? [​IMG]
  11. The knowledge was already previously known. He was some sort of psychotic dentist
  12. Not sure I'd class it as disrespectful as it was a simple marketing ploy tbh, Taker vs HHH end of an era fits better than Henry vs Kane end of an era for example. Guess we'll just chalk it off to differing views.
  13. Lawler's personal dentist wasn't he?
  14. Indeed Dr Isaac Yankem or something.
  15. I have no idea, I saw it on youtube
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