Kane Talks Federal Reserve

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Oct 30, 2013.

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  1. Glenn Jacobs explains why understanding the Federal Reserve System is one of the most important tasks facing Americans. Jacobs is an American professional wrestler and actor, known by the ring name "Kane". For more information, visit the Mises Institute online at mises.org

    lmao, Kane is the GOAT.
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  3. Lol from Big Red Machine to Big Red Politician with glasses.
  4. Get Glenn Jacobs in the white house he knows his shit
  5. By the way, Glenn was telling the truth there. It's basically the tip of the iceberg, but it's good stuff. Anyway... THE DEVIL'S FAVORITE DEMON, BAH GAWD HE JUST EDUCATED US ON THE MONETARY SYSTEM!! BAH GAWD!! THE MASTODON, KAAAANE!!
  6. It needs that "the more you know" rainbow at the end. But yeah, this is great. I'd be much more inclined to listen to superstars talk about stuff like this than boring Mr. Jackoff that I don't know and have never heard of talk about it.
  8. Great clip. Kane knows what he's talking about.

    "Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob the world."
  9. I was going to make a thread to ask this, but I'm still on SUPER SERIAL PROBATION so I'll ask it here.

    What the fuck is up with Kane and his mask shit on Raw? I was fast forwarding through, and I just saw him walk up the ramp and hand his mask and wig to Stephanie. Is he totally dropping the Kane gimmick?

    I would mark out if he became Glenn Jacobs, Libertarian Guy Who Chokeslams Dudes.
  10. He said the monster was at her (Stephanie's) disposal and then did what you said. Thats all we got so far.

  11. All we need is clarification if "the monster" refers to him or his penis.
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  12. Haha, yeah. I'm still leaning towards Trips having "control" over the Wyatts and with Kane pledging allegiance to Steph I'm hoping to see Kane with the Wyatts
  13. Bray Wyatt is taking over WWE and I fuckin' love it. He's like the new Undertaker really. I don't mean that he's ripping off Taker, but he's the first major spooky character to catch fire since Taker and Kane.
  14. You know how ironic that statement is given their kayfabe past right? lol
  15. Yep, it was completely intentional. lol
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  16. I like the idea of the Wyatt's taking over
  17. Fixed
  18. Much appreciated kind sir
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  19. Glenn should really move into government politics hes done his time in wrestling get him into power and sort out the world
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