Kane & The Big Show.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Saylor, May 26, 2012.

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  1. As soon as The Big Show turned heel, I pretty much knew he'd be forming a tag-team with Kane later on in order to have the both of them have some sort of feuds because Kane is pretty much floating right now and The Big Show, well he's boring.

    I'm predicting they're going to throw both of them together as a tag team after Cena's and The Big Show's feud. This will also help develop the tag team division and help give the belts some sort of credibility. I can already see it forming and it's shaping up pretty nicely.

    The stare off with Kane and The Big Show on SmackDown pretty much confirmed it to me. I'm predicting and hoping that they're going to be tagging.

  2. Would be cool, but I don't hope they'll be squashing every tag team.


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  3. They just need to both retire.
  4. Big Show is @ his best as a heel. Perfect example when he was with McMahons in DX. People possibly can't hate on heel Big Show. And Big Show and Kane reuniting, that's 2nd class to the Brothers of destruction. :dawg:

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  8. U think the big and Kane suck and need retire BS! That are still great wrestler queit deined it!
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  14. I disagree. Teaming them both up as a tag team will add some credibility to it. I'd rather see them tag team up. This gives something for the both of them to do, it helps put over younger talent (in the future) and it gives the tag team division creditability.
  15. Exactly, Crayo always telling people who've been in WWE more than 8 years to retire. Even Undertaker needs to retire? :dawg::bury:
  16. If Show and Kane have to stay on then I welcome them teaming up. Would add some credibility to the tag division and would be a lot more interesting than having the two of them seperate.
  17. I just honestly feel Kane needs to stop being on shows every week (NEVER two a week) and needs to avoid mic talk if he is going to explain things like episode 666, i would have rather heard michael cole say it and when kane comes out put 2+2 together, having him destroy someone.

    Big show is cabbage. Straight up, i loved him for a long while, and i still really, really liked when he put his hat on kids on the way to the ring, as you're most likely making life long fans, even if they end up hating you they have to respect it. However, he is slow, and deserves to be a minor part in a fued, maybe just a stable enforcer, but a real contender? He is barely twice as mobile as Khali, who is less mobile than me shitfaced trying to work a rascal scooter into a house using screen doors.
  18. This.

    Tired with both of them now. :annoyed:
  19. Blame the bookers. Not Kane. :upset:
  20. Lets be fair here, two of his favourite superstars are Undertaker and Jericho, so that's pish.
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