Kane: The Return of the Big Red Monster?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Apr 15, 2015.

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  1. http://wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0413/592412/paige-written-off-tv-on-tonight-raw/

    Not that they use every result of a poll they put on there during their thought process for the show but perhaps they may be tooling with the idea involving the return of Masked Kane.. IMO I welcome this, I think Kane is just a boring character without his mask.. he plays his role decently and what not but it doesn't come close in comparison to the Big Red Monster IMO..

    What do you guys think about Kane's future? Will he put the mask on again at some point in the relatively near future? Or will he be Corporate Kane for a decent bit longer.
  2. I welcome the return of the mask only if he turns babyface again... which he'll obviously be doing here before long.
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  3. It would be more interesting than what he has going on now. I dunno, the whole Kane thing has run it's course but if he's going keep going, I'd rather it be red monster masked Kane.
  4. Has it been 4 months already? Yep, time for Kane to turn!

    Fucking retire already you played out mf
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  5. Kane could walk on stilts at this point while holding a poodle and juggling and that would be far more entertaining than his current bitch tits status.
  6. With the paper mâché mask?
  7. LOL, Kane. Not interested at all.
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  8. Gotta say, yes, it's Kane in 2015, but if they wanted to have him go on a face run, damn, should've turned on Raw. Would've been the perfect moment.
    I'd only welcome the mask back if he didn't go back to wearing a singlet.
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  9. Hey im new here btw. I think he somehow should be storyline injured or burned if the mask returns. I don't see the point in him just putting it back on. There should also be a new design for the mask, as the current one isn't great and he will not put the full mask back on. Thanks, Ben
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  10. Full mask from 2000 or gtfo.
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  11. I'm so hyped for this glorious, long-awaited Kane push [​IMG]
  12. I think Kane should just retire, since he's been around for over a decade now i'm bored with him in the WWE.
  13. lol Kane is still around
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  14. As far as I know Kane's contract has just a little bit longer left, I think like to the end of the year actually.. One more Big Red Monster run before the 'Legend' treatment gets put into effect for him.
  15. inb4 full timer for 5 more years
  16. And more main events, please! :woohoo:
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  17. this would be even dumber.

    1.) He can still work full time, he just needs moved down the card.
    2.) If he gets the "legend treatment" it means more big matches and less time working. He doesn't have the appeal of the other part timers to pull of having people care about him. He needs a behind the scenes job
  18. Kane? Who's Kane? There is no-one in the WWE who's relevant and called Kane. :rock2:
  19. He could have a final run as Isaac Yankem or fake Diesel before he retires.

    Or who wouldn't LOVE to see the Christmas Creature get a run against the Bunny and Gobbledy Gooker in a Holiday Legends triple threat match?

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  20. I think they'd have to make him go full on crazy to make it believable. He's just that damn boring without the mask.

    Maybe Bray should kidnap him and brainwash him until he's properly evil again. I mean, he wants to be the face of fear so make the Undertaker's brother scary again.
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