News Kane wins mayoral primary, but we may still have a Dusty finish

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    With 100% of the precincts reporting, Glenn “Kane” Jacobs has won the Republican nomination for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee... by 17 votes.


    Jacobs camp is declaring victory, which would move him toward a general election showdown with Democratic nominee Linda Haney:

    BREAKING: The campaign manager for Glenn Jacobs runs outside the election commission yelling that Jacobs has won the Knox County Mayor's race. Jacobs: 14,633 votes
    Andres: 14,616 votes
    100% precincts reporting. 17 votes separating the two

    — Marc Sallinger (@MarcWBIR) May 2, 2018

    Glenn, along with his family, volunteers and supporters declare victory in a hard-fought Knox County Mayoral race this evening. Together we won! Tomorrow, we move forward.

    — Glenn Jacobs (@GlennJacobsTN) May 2, 2018

    Thanks to everyone who helped win this historic victory!! The people who cast a ballot for me, my great team, my wonderful volunteers. Looking forward to VICTORY in the general election!

    — Glenn Jacobs (@GlennJacobsTN) May 2, 2018

    But, as seems fitting for a race led by a man who brought Daniel Bryan, Ric Flair and his own demonic alter ego (and his undead mortician brother) in for fundraisers, officials are still conferring!

    Per tweets from WATE 6, Knoxville’s ABC affiliate:

    “With all precincts reporting, Glenn Jacobs has won the GOP nomination for Knox County mayor. Still a few provisional ballots, so results won’t be official until next week. The Knox County Election Commission says there are 43 provisional ballots that may or may not be valid. The winner will go on to face Linda Haney in the general election. 38 of them had no record of registration, 4 had no photo ID, and 1 voted by paper ballot due to an issue with the electronic system. The provisional ballots will be counted on Thursday.”

    Provided Jacobs holds onto his lead after the provisional ballots are addressed, he’ll be favored in the general election in predominantly Republican Knox County.

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  2. You know, I don't like talking politics on here. I don't agree with Republican politics, but I like Kane a lot. In the area he is running, a Republican is going to win. So congrats to Kane for winning and for winning the eventual general election. I've only voted Republican twice in my life but were I registered to vote in Knox County, I might actually vote for him.
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  3. He's sure to light a fire down there, that's for certain.
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  4. I got your vote in for ya, brother.
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  5. Don't care what party he ran as this is just simply great.
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  6. He is more Libertarian oriented tho, not your typical neo-con republican.
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  7. Yeah, I thought that was weird because is a member of the Tennessee Libertarian Party, but ran as a Republican. I can understand why, but I just think it would be better if he ran as a Libertarian.
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  8. He wouldn't get elected anywhere if he ran as a Libertarian.
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  9. I know and agree, that is why I said I understand why he ran as Republican instead of a Libertarian because of nowadays you either Democrat or Republican there is no middle ground in a sense.
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  10. "Typical"? There are very few people in comparison to all political party numbers out there.
    I'd say maybe 5% of republicans are neo. Most of this pro-war, power hungry narcissism died out in the 90's.
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  11. And this is a huge problem. People are forced into one of two groups, both of which are viewed as horrible by different people.
    People are too obsessed with political labels anymore to even consider what they themselves believe in.
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  12. I can understand why parties are a thing, and for a voter it is easier to get a general idea of a candidate's views if a party is attached to their name on the ballot. They are a great way to organize people, ideas, and money to push a policy forward with less of a chance (in theory) of deadlock. But the con is that people follow to close a specific party that they are unable to meet in the middle and in the United States where there are really only two viable parties, it forces people to the farther regions of right and left, and makes it harder to meet in the middle.

    I mean, Canada's politics are mostly dominated by variations of the Liberal and the Conservative party, but the NDP has won provincially several times, was an opposition party from I think 2010 t 2014, and even the Green Party has made some, although at times small, waves. Even with these two main parties, there are times where the Liberals or the Conservatives do need to co-exist with either each other or the NDP and Greens to get an agenda forward, and while I myself can call myself a "liberal" for the most part (in that I am typically left of center, but not far left, which is where the Liberal Party falls), I can still see myself having options if I am not satisfied with the party I'd likely typically follow. Even then, I have friends who are farther right or left on the spectrum, and I even had conversations with a high-ranking Conservative member who went to my High School who, while I gave him a hard time, I for the most part respect.

    As for Kane, do I agree with all his policies? Probably not if I look at his full platform. Do I think he is a good person and that he has a stand-up character? Yes. So, I sincerely wish him luck with his elections, and if he gets in, hopefully, he serves his community well.
  13. Exactly, and that is because people allowed only two parties to exist because of brainwashing, in a sense.

    I agree, but also people don't want to be hated on and want to be on the right side of things, or they want to fit in instead of being an individual or have opposing opinions.
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  14. No way it's still strong, it's definitely way more than 5%...
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  15. I would never judge a person's character based on where they stand politically and that is what people seem to do today. There are too many differences and various opinions with individual people to just assume they are a particular way based on being "left" or "right", or "democrat" or "republican". By definition I am considered a conservative but the general public (specially online hate groups) would label me as racist, homophobic, sexist, and other joyful words you want to be labeled with. I don't do that to others and out of respect I would like to think it wouldn't be done to me but that isn't the case. This is done to liberals as well. This is the problem with labels. While yes, they make it easier to know who to vote for, the general public should not shame a person for voting one way or the other and assume that people who don't vote the way they did/do are bad people.

    I am honestly burned out on all of it at this point. And for the record, I don't vote and the general public is a HUGE reason why.
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  16. I really don't see it myself but I am also not looking for it either. There are equally horrible people in all political parties as far as I am concerned. I'm not talking about having different stances on political topics either but actually fueling hate, violence, and division in America.
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  17. I'm done with politics for the day, I don't know how people can do it for a living. God speed to them. lol
    Congrats to Kane cause he is a great guy and a humble human being.
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  18. I never said you would, I was saying that is what most people do nowadays so thanks for echoing my point. I agree humans by nature are complex and so is the way we think this is why there should be more "mainstream" parties because no one party fits a single person's idea. The closest "label" I would be is Classical Liberal, but even that gets called all the names you mention. I agree, but what can you do. Agreed. I agree once agree, and I would like to add the main problem with any label is that it divides people further and further, which is something I can't stand.

    I hear ya, and I am done as well.
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  19. A big problem with political parties is that they are a lot like sports teams in a way. I've seen this happen in my family a lot too when a family member will vote for a political party that doesn't represent their beliefs in any way, but they stick with the individual because of party loyalty.

    I'm not perfect by any means, but I have done my best to not simply vote based on party. In 2002, I was adamantly opposed to Rod Blagojevich for governor of Illinois. I could tell right away the man was nothing but a sleaze ball. I actually wrote in that year because I hated all the candidates but I think it's important to vote anyway. Then in 2006, I voted for the Republican, who I believe was the first Republican governor candidate in Illinois to march in the Gay Pride Parade, which I admired. I also voted for Mark Kirk for Senator in 2010.

    But still, there is too much of tendency for many of us who belong to a party to vote blindly for that party and that's where the biggest problem comes in. This also makes it difficult for other third parties to gain a foothold in politics.

    I believe Kane is a decent guy but mostly I feel like his views seem to represent the area he is running in so good luck to him.
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  20. Nazis! All of you!
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