Kane, wow?

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  1. Kane's 1 year older then retired wresler, Goldberg and one year younger than Stone Cold? When is this guy going to retire?
  2. I just have no response to this thread...
  3. He will retire when he wants to retire, i guess he just dosen't want to yet :emoji_slight_smile:
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  4. He has said he's going to go until he just can't go anymore. He can still move well for a man his size/age.
  5. Sting is 54 and he's still wrestling so Kane can do the same if he wants.
  6. Well there's two problems with the wrestlers you chose. One, Goldberg wasn't a good wrestler, and he couldn't go on forever since his gimmick wasn't that over in WWE, so he would have been a lost gimmick. Stone Cold, he has neck problems, need to remember Stone Cold was dropped on his neck via piledriver a while back by Owen Hart.

    As for Kane, I don't see anything wrong. He's helping to put young talent over, and staying out of the world title pictures, he's in a perfect position to me as a veteran.
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  7. Kane's gonna still be goin' when Taker's in the HOF I think.
  8. Machines don't retire
  9. He's not a machine, he's a monster.
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