Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Do you agree that masked kane just is not as intimidiating as he was back in the 90's. these days he looks too have developed a beer belly and i preffered it when he had a full on face mask even though it was hard too breathe through.
  2. Well of course when you have the creative staff of today that only know how to make a kid's show.
  3. Well, he's getting up there in age, and the product has changed DRASTICALLY since he debuted. His character doesn't really have a place anymore.
  4. This.

    Also, in his previous masked run no one knew what he looked like underneath. He wasn't just some bald man back there, he was potentially a burn victim who looked insane.
  5. i agree kane does seem out of place in the PG era
  6. Yea the whole revealing what he looked like 10 years ago and then trying to rekindle the allure he previously had as a masked character didn't really cut it.

    That and he was booked like a chump against Cena. And now he will job to Blandy at WM. Then what? Retirement? Personally I hope so
  7. He not bald anymore he grew his hair back! It is jald black though! As his real hair color is blone! that show of him outside of wwe with his real blone hair! it NOT A WING! But yes he not as good as the 1st mask kane b/c we did not know what kane look like now we do!
  8. Everything is better when you look back tbh. This is the problem with going back to gimmicks. Why is he wearing the mask anyway? I know he wanted to feel like a monster again but has he burned his face?
  9. I doubt he'll retire, Glen has always prided himself on putting younger talent over. The most selfless superstar of all time.
  10. Everything is average nowadays.
  11. That's not depressing :austin:
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