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  1. Well Kane has been injured by the Wyatts a few weeks ago but what about him? He's after the Wyatts now, Daniel Bryan is still wanting to prove that he is not the weak link and him and his brother still haven't finished with The Shield, what about this 46 year old fella?
  2. Sadly, I think Retirement is the only option left for him.
    Or a final match with Taker
  3. It would be a right time for retirement, maybe play his last game against Undertaker at Wrestle Mania and give himself time. Poor fellas already 46 years old, one of the oldest superstars in the ring at the moment. He's older than Henry, Triple H and a year younger than both Taker and Michaels.
  4. I think no one cares about Kane anymore. He looked awesome when he came back attacking Cena and Ryder. Then he teamed with Bryan, that was cool because both were completely different. Then they started with the stupid hugs stuff, it was somehow funny but Kane is supposed to be an angry man... They should change his gimmick because he looks like a teddy bear
  5. Job to the Wyatt's and stick around later, since it seems like not retiring is kind of his thing.
  6. ^ What he said.
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