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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Cloud, Aug 7, 2014.

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  1. Hit with a spoiler prefix just in case but it's Thurs so most kids have caught up by now.

    Anyways point. Now Kane has handed his mask back to The Authority should that be it for him? Dudes been struggling in ring wheezing if you listen on RAWS. Should this be his time? Move him over let someone step up to take his place? Especially with NXT getting stacked again!

    This way he rests up and then they give him and Taker a big WM send off and everyone is happy. Give them a blaze of glory to go out in!

  2. I think there should be a storyline to where Kane maybe turns on The Authority, All though as silly as the idea does come across I think it should be kane who ends Hunter and Stephanie's power.
  3. He should just leave and never appear again. Not that I hate the guy or anything, but... it's enough. :dawg:
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  4. I thought that myself but hey he deserves a good send off I suppose and him and Taker reuniting at WM as The Brothers of Destruction for one would be pretty epic.
  5. I wouldn't care for it, really, but it wouldn't bother me either. I really don't think Taker is getting a send off myself, because he probably thinks just like SCSA in the way that he doesn't want pyro and ballyhoo when he goes, and Kane feels like that sort of guy too (although I obviously can't tell). I could take it or leave it.
  6. Nice thread topic. I also had the 'what will he do now' thought in my head when he took the mask off and gave it up again. I guess that loss to Reigns did not make him too happy.
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  7. Kane's slowing down and he's been nearing retirement for a while. I initially liked the corporate Kane angle, but now it's boring with him basically being the enforcer for talent like Orton and Rollins. I'd hope there would be a proper send off for him but who knows.
  8. Dude could have had a better year being in a bikini on total diva's show than this shit.
  9. Kane is legendary on the stick. He shouldn't be working main events. He was being rewarded for properly working Bryan as a pet project
    WWE needs big men. Big men have always put over the new champion. Daniel Bryan cannot put over Roman Reigns, Kane can.
    Why are Big Show and Kane stuck in the main event? I just told you. If a legit big man (6'8 300bs) then we can talk about eliminating Kane and Big Show.
    For now, Kane can work low card matches because he can still carry a feud. He's still going to main event whether we like it or not, though.
  10. I have nothing against Kane as I used to be a big fan of his (and still sort of am), but I've long grown tired of him. The Big Red Monster/Machine/Demon/etc. is beyond stale at this point and I'm kinda just wishing he would hang the boots up already. He seems to already have interests outside of wrestling anyhow.

    I'm all for him coming back and getting a proper send-off, though. Cloud's idea of he and Undertaker reuniting as the Brothers Of Destruction one last time and going out together at next year's Wrestlemania (against maybe the Wyatt Family in a Handicap match?) is a brilliant and fitting idea. I'd be down for that.
  11. He has excellent interests outside of wrestling.
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