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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Feb 25, 2014.

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  1. Holy shit :dawg: Kane's attire was funny last night. He looked like a middle aged business man about to go into MMA or some shit.
  2. Oh God, Kane should bot be out there in his vest. Couldn't they give Corporate Kane new ring attire instead of that mess?
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. It doesn't suit him at all. I thought he might at least go back to the shirtless with pants attire he had before coming back with the mask on. I think they are going this to show that he's not really a wrestler anymore and is a corporate worker for The Authority.
  5. I can't wait to use Authority Kane in 2K15

  6. Thats Hawt!

    On topic: Kanes a mere Joke now, A sellout. It wont ever be the same if he goes back to mask or 2004-2011 Kane
  7. High School principle Kane>Masked Kane
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  8. Damn, Kane got back into shape. He looks better than he has in the past couple of years, too bad WWE just won't use him right. As for the attire, it's essentially the same restrictions of using a full body suit, but from what I've seen, he can still do a great job in the ring, and he can still deliver a devastating chokeslam, so hey, I'm down.
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  9. I thought the same. The guy looks more ripped, and not so "flabby".
  10. That's how Luke Harper's tank tops are made. Kane wears them until they are all sweated in.
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  11. I thought the attire fit him well. He's transformed from being The Big Red Machine and into a Corporate honcho, so the new look makes sense.
  12. He reminds me more of a drunk dad in the new attire. He's just got in from work, had a hard day- so he's going to sit in his chair- in his vest and demolish a six pack.
  13. It makes me wonder if the intent is to ever return him to being "The Big Red Monster" again. Or is this the precursor to this retirement from in-ring action?

    Because, if they plan to return him to the ring on a regular basis, they could use the fact that he can't win as "Corporate Kane" as an excuse for him to return to his Monster-ly ways. But, if this is the step to retirement, it's not a bad way to do it. Either way, I didn't have any problem whatsoever with his attire. In fact, right before his match, I mentioned to my wife that I wondered if he would come out looking "like Kane" (mask and black-and-red suit or even shirtless with just black-and-red pants) or something else. I was a little surprised to see him come out in slacks and a tank top (although he was wearing wrestling boots as opposed to Oxfords).

  14. I definitely expect him to return to his old "monster Kane" persona before he retires. I think this "Corporate Kane" stuff is just a way to give him a break from in-ring action (aside from the rare occasion that he does still wrestle) while still keeping him in a prominent role on the show. Plus, it never hurts to try something new with your character in the process, especially one that's been around for sixteen years the way Kane's has.
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  15. Glenn Jacobs should of quit WWE years ago Vince has totally shitted all over his character. Kane should of left when they unmasked him you cant pretend to be this unstoppable monster after unmasking then re masking him
  16. His current character is fine. As for the reference to back then, he was still a beast in the RA era, and he put on fantastic matches, and he still can. There's no reason for him to leave.
  17. Strangely, the Kane/Bryan match on Raw was one of the show's highlights. Kane can still put on a hell of a match.

  18. Kane's attire was great, not sure why they though that's what he should wrestle in but hey looks like they found themselves a cheap alternate attire for WWE2k15
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