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  1. Hi, think this is one of the first things I've posted on here, so bare with the lack of knowledge etc.
    But how do you think Kane will be booked when he returns, and what would be the best way for him to come back?
    I think it would be a good idea for him to come back as the masked monster, as I presume most would, and take out the authority one by one. And then Brock lesnar. And then he could challenge Brock lesnar to a match at wrestlemania, which would anger undertaker as he thinks Kane thinks he's able to do what undertaker couldnt at wrestlemania. Kane and Taker could have one last feud and if taker goes out on his back, I think kane would be the ideal person for him to lose to. It would also set kane up for one last wwe title run before he retires, thoughts?
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  2. I hope you're right! I'd love to see the masked kane again. Feuding with taker would keep me watching more often. Lately it's just ppv and the odd episode
  3. Someone's (on this forum) already proposed the idea of Brock fighting both Taker and Kane at WM, with their careers on the line.
    The odds of that happening are very small, but I'd love that. And of course, Bork wins :21-1:
  4. lol Undertaker vs Kane in 2016? Fuck that. And Taker loses at Wrestlemania for what will only be the second time in history, and it's to someone like Kane whom he's already defeated twice at Mania before?
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  5. I'd like to see a masked Kane return but I'd have no interest in him feuding with Brock or Rollins. I'd have some interest in a Kane/Taker feud but not anything that takes us into WM. I really have no idea who he could/should feud with. All I know is when he comes back he better be masked and he better be a heel.
  6. If Kane and taker fought at mania 32 i think I'd honestly never watch wrestling again. That's a feud that should never be rekindled. Been there done that way too many times...

    Taker vs Brock will happen. Brock career vs career. That sounds right.

    Kane's return will prob involve him attacking Seth. It'll be dumb and No one will really give 2 shits. Or, he will fight Brock and seek revenge and get his ass kicked at like tlc.
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