Kanye West flips out

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Nov 27, 2013.

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  2. If he flips, does that mean he's Kanye East? :hmm:
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  3. I can dig it.
  4. I heard something about clothing lines, something about being a slave and something about Paris... what exactly is angering him again?
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  5. I think it was about his clothing line. His clothing line is a slave to Nike I guess lol.
  6. Don't know much about this guy, but the based off the little I've seen/heard, I can safely that he's a fucking piece of shit. His music sucks too.
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  7. Kanye West is hilarious.
  8. Fuck Kanye West. Overrated piece of shit.
  9. I just don't see how someone can be a fan of his. Unless, they're just as arrogant, and as much of a douche as he is.
  10. Guy went down hill pretty fast after his mother died
  11. He's been going downhill since he first started "rapping", or "singing" or whatever the hell it's called he does
  12. Not really, I'm not saying he's a match to the likes of mos def, but his older stuff was a lot better before he turned into captain lord jesus black messiah supreme
  13. Somebody just needs to make that mofo humbled
  14. Fuck Sway, fuck him always. He was suggesting he step back, not asking a question.

    13mil > 100k+. I get he gets worked up easily but lol i love him fired up. Gotta love two dudes fired up over nothing talking over each other. We all slaves....wait, where is the rest of it?
  15. Mos def loves Kanye, and Kanye is a top tier producer as well as rapper. I love Mos Def and put him above most but Kanye has the right to have a big ego, dude has at least participated in well over 100 top 5 singles...rapping or producing, including moving main stream in a different direction with Big Pimpin, one of the highest grossing singles of all time. Dude was like 24.

    I'm not saying he isn't an asshole but for people to scoff at him like he isn't where he is for a reason, is laughable. How many other rap artists change their shit up like he has? If he had dropped college dropout 3 he would have been unbearably rich, that style was loved. Instead he went 808&Heartbreak. Taking chances on people like Bon Iver (from my area, having them produce the tracks for my dark twisted...)

    I'm almost sorry I tagged you, it was all about the Mos Def stuff. I think he changes shit up but you make his point. His old stuff was awesome, and his new stuff is different. The Beatles did the same thing, and people are still arguing about their stuff today. I think that is what matters most for him, the fact he will still be around decades later. Honestly, I firmly believe that if we had college dropout 3, he would have ended up like Lil Wayne.
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  16. on a real tip FUCK THE BEATLES NEWEST ALBUM you heard that shit tho? shit is hella whack homie

    Nice post though.
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  17. Haha i only got butthurt quick because of the bible shit going around my friends facebook lately. That takes a huge ego, but dude is right. He has to be as well known as almost anything in the world.
  18. Making assumptions here assuming he doesn't really do a lot to help people other than for a little publicity, but he could probably spread a way better message and get a more understanding set of followers by setting up some organization to help those in need rather than dropping some nikes

    Guy needs to slow on the controversy if he wants people to be as confident about him as he is about himself... If he carries on it won't be long before the "cool-thing-to-do" is hate on him and then even his fans who's opinions are more easily swayed will drop him and he'll be burned out doing radio shows for anyone who will listen and the only people tuning in will be people wanting to hear more crazy stuff as a joke.
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