Karl Anderson - The next big Gaijin?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Mar 17, 2013.

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    Anderson is currently finding his place and niche in New Japan. Receiving a nice main event push which got him some good matches with guys like Okada and Tanahashi. He is also very over with the NJPW fanbase, just listen to the crowd in the Tanahashi match for proof. But how far can he go in NJPW?

    Anderson has been a IWGP heavyweight tag team champion with Giant Bernard (now Tensai in the WWE) and grew like hell from that. He is now one of few high profile Gaijin in New Japan, especially in the heavyweight scene. Could you see Anderson becoming the next big Gaijin in the company? Being a beast for both heel and face wrestlers to fight with. He's got a good look for a foreigner in Japan with a good height and build. He's good in the ring and can work with a lot of different people. Plus the only other real contender for the "big Gaijin" star name right now is Devitt and Anderson seems more willing to talk which puts him above Devitt in my book.

    Can Anderson be the big foreigner in New Japan in the future? Do you see the IWGP heavyweight belt in his future? Discuss.
  2. Fuck cagematch.net :cornette:

    I'm a big machine gun fan but Devitt should be stepping up into a main role before him IMO. He'll be a great second player but I don't see him holding the big one whilst Devitt I do see making the jump up.

    His match with Tanahashi is my MOTY thus far though. DAT F5.
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