Kassius Ohno discusses his finisher

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Sep 9, 2012.

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    Posting the fail :otunga:

    In all seriousness he makes a good point. I'm glad he's not bummed out about Wade pretty much being given the same move+gimmick.
  3. Good he didn't nag bout it. But it fits Barrett way better imo..
  4. I honestly think Wade would have been better with some kind of punch finisher, possibly knock the opponent down with the elbow then get a mount and just beat them down before the ref stops it.
  5. Wade's Finisher should be Winds of Change.
  6. Nice to see he likes his gimmick and that Barrett using the same stuff hasn't made him mad.
  7. Would take way too long in 3-way matches, bro..
  8. Fuck Wade Barrett lol. Hero is the real young knockout kid.
  9. Fuck Wade Barrett? :dafuq:

    He's the one on television!
  10. Obviously don't get the reference lol
  11. Don't book him in them then / have him knock out both people :smug:
  12. :hmm:

    So no Barrett in a MITB match? :okay:
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