Kayfabe post of the year(raw spoiler)

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  1. OHmahgawd! Del rio killed Santa!

    Then John Cena vowed to beat him in a Miracle on 34 th street street fight!

    Then they wrestled!!!!!!

    They magically opened gifts with chairs and stuff and pies!!!! They hit each other with them... What luck!

    Then it was a miracle!
    Santa got better and beat up Richardo and del rio and cena avenged Santa!!!!!

    As god as my witness!!

    It was a miracle!!!!!
  2. @deth

    He is recapping the main plot of last nights Christmas RAW. It started with santa (Foley) out handing out gifts to the crowd, he walked by the ring barrier and then Del Rio's entrance started, causing him to accidentally run over Santa with his car. Cena was then booked to avenge Santa in the main event and Del Rio spent the episode trying to convince people it was an accident.

    Bit of a pointless episode but it was a fun plot and I can give them slack since it was Christmas.
  3. Thank God I didn't watch RAW this week then.
  4. Fucking Santa and his no selling ass... You were hit with a car don't come back on the same shows....
  5. He did get thrown off the cell twice in the same match, finished same match and interfered on the next one.
  6. It's a Christmas-themed episode mostly targeting the kids. There needs to be some cheesy, corny good ending to it, lol.
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    God damn Santa :yuno: use flying reindeer so u no fall?
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    They should have done it like the Santa clause movie with Tim Allen in, ADR wears the suit and delivers the presents with his son Ricardo before becoming Santa.
  9. cena yelling "for santa!!!!!!" gave me nightmares :/
  10. The camera work during that episode was shotty. I'm not even sure Santa was hit
  11. WWEF, :yuno: notify me when Seabs quotes me?
  12. I saw the same, one minute hes waving to the people, next scene is the ring... next scene is santa on top of the car´s hood....
    besides, ADR was honking the horn like hell... stupid santa.... :dawg:
  13. And your username is :boss1: btw
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  15. He's a tapatalk user, so basically he's a noob.
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    Site doesn't accommodate for most popular forum viewing app, its all the users fault.

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